All the Crimes We KNOW the Biden Family Has Committed

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Drop of Light /

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors: the Biden family is full of crime and corruption.

We’re here to let you know they aren’t just rumors.

In fact, the history of crime in the Biden family goes back generations, according to a report from the New York Post.

Of course, we all know about Joe Biden’s children’s crimes. Hunter has been arrested numerous times over the years. He’s a known drug user, no stranger to using prostitutes, and then, of course, there is his laptop scandal, numerous questionable overseas business deals, and neglect of his own child.

Biden’s daughter, Ashley, has similar reports on her record. Drug use? Check. Alcohol abuse? Check. Hell, she even assaulted a police officer once.

And her cousin’s story looks pretty much the same: Caroline Biden is guilty of several DUIs, confirmed drug use, and an assault on a police officer. But she’s also faced charges for using stolen credit cards.

Of course, none of these charges, for any Biden children, ever stuck. Even Caroline’s felony thefts were pretty much dropped and downgraded to petty larceny.

The next generation, including Joe Biden and his brother Frank, is also full of crime.

Frank has several DUIs and was even held partially responsible for killing a man who died in a drunk-driving accident. Of course, he never actually paid his portion. He’s also been caught stealing and then failing to appear in court for said charges.

Joe Biden is reported to have illegally entered expensive and vacant mansions with Hunter and Beau when the boys were young, entering through second-story windows. Then there are the reports by Ashley that he used to force her to take showers with him as a child.

On to Joe Biden Sr and his cousin Bill Sheene.

These two were apparently in cahoots with Arthur Briscoe, a man known to be “mobbed up.” And it is reported that it is through this relationship that the Biden family rose to financial success and began experiencing the kind of “untouchable” connection to the law.

No wonder no one in the Biden family seems to ever pay for their crimes. By now, corruption and knowing how to get away with it is engrained in the Biden blood.