Bidenflation Sends Evictions 50% Higher Than Pre-COVID, and People Are Trapped

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As Americans are continuing to find new ways to do more with less, the inflation facilitated by President Biden’s economics has taken a tremendous chunk out of people’s budgets. One of the most impacted areas has been the rental market. As prices continue to soar, many of the poorest in America have been forced to take drastic measures.

In Atlanta, as first reported on by the AP, 70-year-old Dana Williams suffers serious heart problems, hypertension, and asthma and is living on $900 a month in social security. His only other household income is the $800 biweekly checks his 25-year-old daughter, De’mai Williams, gets as his caretaker from the state of Georgia. Due to increases in his rent to $940 a month, they were evicted back in April over $8,348 in back rent.

When they went before the judge, he was sympathetic to the situation, but GA law required them to be evicted immediately. Stuck in limbo, they found a $ 275-a-week efficiency hotel room. With no refrigerator, microwave, broken furniture, and a leaking ceiling in their bathroom, this is not conducive to Dana’s health.

Prices skyrocketed due to changes in the world during the pandemic. With the government assistance increases, lower income residences increased their price to help cover their own bottom ends that were going up as well. This change in the economy all but took out lower-income America at the knees, then President Biden came along.

His additional spending spree and devastatingly repressive treatment of the economy have only served to make the dollar weaker. As a result, inflation under Biden has put the screws to the American people everywhere. His giveaways of money, washing billions of embezzled funds through Ukraine, and horrible deals for the American people that got him and his cronies paid off have destroyed the nation.

Outside the city in rural America, things have been just as bad as in many big cities. While the increase is not as steep in rents, the debt-to-income ratio was often even tighter for them before Bidenflation took effect. Those pandemic resources were horrific in these parts of the country as every shop took advantage of this extra income to sneak prices up more. In some cases, it only kept pace with their costs, but many found ways to tack in extra.

Those in urban areas who feel trapped hear the stories of the cheap housing in other more rural parts of the country and long for those prices. The problem is in those rural areas, many soon discover just how far apart their needs like a pharmacy, grocery store, gas station, reputable mechanic, or even Wal*Mart can be. You also cannot forget the lack of non-essential amenities like a bar & grill, restaurant, fast food, or bakery either.

As the impacts of Biden’s economic policies feel their ripples across to demonstrate how bad both urban and rural life can be with him in charge, the worse part about it is the lack of resources to make the move. They can’t save the money for the deposits on a new place, the cost of a Uhaul, or even the gas to make the move by pickup or cars. Ultimately, people become trapped.

When all is said and done, the low-income people who are the most prone to eviction are left even more at risk than they were before Biden came trying to fix things with incentives and false promises. Their front row, audience participation required, and role in the economy allowed them to witness the impacts of what a Democrat can do when allowed to do anything they want.

Let the history books show that as the country fell further and further into economic despair, Joe Biden continued doing the same failed antics that got us here. He continues to try and tell us that it will fix everything if we just stay quiet and go along with it. Sounds just like something a child sniffer would say.