Musk Has a “Walrus Move” He’d Like to Show Zuckerberg

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have always been at odds. They run the most popular social media platforms – and they have no desire to share secrets about how they can each be successful.

Musk is usually one to trash talk – and in doing so, he issued a challenge to Zuckerberg about a fight. A real fight, and we’re talking about a cage-style MMA fight.

This would seem like a joke, but Zuckerberg has actual aspirations to be an MMA fighter. And he’s been training for over a year. He’s even won a variety of jiu-jitsu competitions.

Did Musk know this before offering such a challenge? We don’t know, but Zuckerberg has accepted the challenge. It’s now about finding a location.

Musk has offered the Vegas Octagon. And if the fight ever happens, tickets to the event could be sold out in a matter of minutes. It could take the Ticketmaster site down faster than the Taylor Swift Eros tour.

At quick glance, it looks as though Musk could be the dominating force in the ring because of his sheer size. He’s also talked about getting into quite a few street fights growing up in South Africa. However, he’s 51, and Zuckerberg is 39.

Zuckerberg has also been boasting about his physical prowess recently, even completing the “Murph Challenge” in less than 40 minutes.

That’s not something the Twitter CEO seems to be too worried about.

We’re not sure if “The Walrus” is enough to beat the Facebook CEO, but we’re hoping that Musk doesn’t back down now.

If this fight comes to be, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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