Trump Vows to Release ALL JFK Files When Reelected

Fer Gregory /
Fer Gregory /

President Trump has said in an interview that he will release all 4,500 of the remaining JFK assassination files when he is reelected in 2024. Trump released many of the files that were still classified when he was in office. Several thousand crucial documents are still hidden from the public, 60 years after John F. Kennedy was shot as his presidential motorcade drove through Dallas, TX.

The president previously told Judge Andrew Napolitano, “If you saw it [the JFK files], you wouldn’t want to release it either.”

Just a few weeks before he was fired from Fox News, Tucker Carlson reported that he had spoken to a person with direct knowledge of the classified JFK files. That person told Carlson that the CIA was directly involved in killing JFK. This is likely the central reason why no previous administration has released all the files. They want to avoid embarrassing the CIA.

Trump seems to no longer have blinders on when it comes to the CIA. The rogue agency actively worked to undermine his administration during his first four years in office. The CIA also played a role in stealing the 2020 election by concocting the letter signed by “51 intelligence officers” who swore that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Trump probably wants to burn the agency to the ground for that. Who could blame him?

The fact that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has also entered the 2024 race as a Democrat has brought renewed interest in the files. In the unlikely event that he should somehow end up in the White House, Kennedy is also saying he’ll release the files.

As the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Trump and Kennedy both likely want to burn the CIA to the ground and start over.