Mainstream Media Is Finally Turning Against Biden

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

If you haven’t realized, Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t exactly the most popular of people. But now it’s not just the American populous as a whole that isn’t so sure Biden should be leading us. It’s also usually devout and loyal to the left-wing mainstream media with a problem with the sitting president.

Over the past week, not one but two of the political left’s most usual mouthpieces published articles about Biden, and neither of them spoke well of him.

The first was The Wall Street Journal. Now, it’s true they aren’t as left-leaning as some, but the outlet sure as hell isn’t very conservative either. The second piece came from the Paper of Record herself, The New York Times – and we all know just how liberally based that outlet is.

Both separately and together, the pair spelled out impending doom for the 46th president and the likelihood of a successful 2024 re-election campaign. Both also used the same main point or idea to criticize Biden.

It all boils down to his age.

To be sure, the rest of America has been concerned with Biden’s age, as well as his obvious mental decline, for some time now. For many of us, it actually began quite a while before he was even elected as president.

And now, both The Journal and Old Grey Lady agree.

In an op-ed on Friday, the Journal pointed out that this criticism is rather widely held and for obvious reasons. After all, Biden is 80 now. Most of us with relatives that old wouldn’t dream of putting them up for a job with even half of the demands of the White House.

And yet, Biden’s supporters, which are diminishing by the second, seem to claim that he’s still the nation’s best option of leadership despite the many gaffes and the fact that he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing or where he’s at half of the time.

In fact, the Journal calls it “selfish” of Biden and his benefactors to assume that a man who will be 86 by the end of a second term could successfully do what is needed.

“Asking the country to elect a man who is 80 years old and whose second term would end when he is 86 is a risky act that borders on selfishness. It’s impossible to know Mr. Biden’s real physical and mental state because the White House goes to great lengths to hide it. But his decline is clear to anyone who isn’t willfully blind.”

The piece also notes that it’s a bit unrealistic, as Biden’s continued decline will likely result in utter failure for the Democratic Party come 2024.

The New York Times’ criticism isn’t quite as harsh or to the point, but it’s there nonetheless.

“Candidates shouldn’t pretend, as Mr. Biden often does, that advanced age isn’t an issue.” They go on to say that more than a few have “deep worries” that his age will and “fitness for office” will be a liability for a “successful second term.”

Additionally, it’s important to point out that no small number of recent pollings conducted by MSM outlets such as NBC, CNN, Morning Consult, and more all show Biden’s approval ratings and the likelihood of being elected again as the most dismal in history, below that of even Donald Trump, who Biden claimed was America’s “worst president.”

According to the NBC News poll, only one in four Americans think Biden should seek re-election. And only 41 percent of us approve of his job so far as our commander-in-chief.

Naturally, a good much of that is based on the fact Biden is now an octogenarian and is it’s showing. As NBC’s Chuck Todd said, “It almost is all about his age and his ability to do the job.”
And as history proves, candidates with anything below 50 percent (or underwater) approval don’t often get re-elected, especially when it’s accompanied by high inflation rates, rising crime, broken borders, etc.