Gutfeld Takes Down the Entire Progressive Agenda on Fox’s “The Five”

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In this day, it’s not all that uncommon for liberal media members to say something completely off the rocker and unrelatable. What is uncommon is for them to immediately and smartly get ripped apart by one of their colleagues.

But that’s precisely what happened to Fox News host Geraldo Rivera on Wednesday.

It all happened on Fox’s “The Five,” where Democratic President Joe Biden’s recent Environmental Protection Agency push for EVs was being discussed.

If you haven’t heard, Biden and his fellow Democrats are on one hell of a bender to get you to “go green” and switch to electric, despite their outrageous prices and not so functioning abilities.

Now, seeing as how this took place on Fox, and not CNN or MSNBC, the conservative side of the aisle was a bit more present than you might expect. But that doesn’t mean the progressive agenda wasn’t represented.

As you might have gathered, if you are familiar with the show, Geraldo Rivera is just about the most liberal part of Fox these days. And as such, it didn’t take long for him to make what one social media user called “let them eat cake” comments about EVs and such.

Before Rivera’s comments, Jeanine Pirro gave a brief summary of Biden’s EPA plan and then allowed the other panelists to share their opinions. By and large, most were against it, such as Jesse Watters and Dana Perino – or at least they had definite criticisms of the plan.

When it came Geraldo’s turn, no one could deny the liberal lines of BS that came out. He tried to insist that EVs are becoming increasingly popular, so such a plan by the government and one that is supposedly for our own good isn’t so bad. Hell, he even tried to use himself as an example, saying he plans to buy an EV.

“I was going to buy an EV Bentley. My next, my last car will be an EV Bentley. They offered me a $7,500 rebate. I said, ‘I don’t need the $7,500.’”

Now, if you’re anything like me, you just got a little nauseous. I mean, really. Who does this libtard think he is?

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long for him to rightly get put in his place.

As if to foreshadow the beating that was to come, Greg Gutfeld tastefully commented, “Thank God you connect with our audience.”

I love that this is just dripping with sarcasm.

But wait, it gets so much better.

Gutfeld has to wait his turn to actually get into the meat of this discussion, but when he does, oh, it is so enjoyable.

He starts by saying, “I’m trying to control myself.” When Rivera asks ‘Why?’, Gutfeld responds with a simple “Because you said ‘EV Bentley.’”

He then added, “And because you just explained why people like you find it so easy to sermonize about electric vehicles because you can afford it.”

Gutfeld begins explaining to Rivera, asking once again, “You just said ‘EV Bentley’ to our audience, right?” He then asked Rivera who he thought was paying for all the charging stations that will need to be installed to make EVs commonplace across the US. Then he transitions from just vehicles to gas stoves, asking who will have to pay for the switch nationwide when gas stoves are banned.

To both, the answer is “our audience” or the American people. It’s not Rivera, or Biden, or even the government. No, it’s the taxpayers. And unfortunately, most of us can’t afford such extra expenses.

It was at this point that Rivera tried to justify himself and the political left by saying that gas-powered anything “causes cancer.” Isn’t that just what a liberal would say? I mean, when they don’t like something, eventually, the supposed fact that it causes cancer always comes out.

Don’t worry; Gutfeld didn’t let him get away with it.

He immediately interjected that Rivera, nor anyone else, has “the science” to back up those claims, just like they didn’t have the science to back up vaccine mandates.

Then, he went full scorched earth on Rivera.

“You have to bear the brunt of your beliefs, and you don’t, because you can afford an EV Bentley. You’re telling our audience to suck on it!”

I don’t care who you are; it doesn’t get much better than this. Watch the whole thing here.