Hooray for the Patriarchy! Biological Man Wins Major Ladies’ Golf Tournament

Jordan Tan / shutterstock.com
Jordan Tan / shutterstock.com

This past weekend, 77 female golfers at the WPGA Tour of Australasia saw their hopes and dreams crushed by a “woman” calling herself “Breanna” Gill. “Ms.” Gill used “her” bulging biceps, burly shoulders, and other large parts we won’t mention to overpower every real woman in the tournament and take home the first-place cash prize. Once again, a transgender dude is running away with the ladies’ prizes and trophies, and feminist groups are not fighting back.

The tournament in question was the Australian Women’s Classic at Bonville Golf Resort in New South Wales. The Women’s PGA Tour of Australia tweeted the following message upon this Gill dude winning the tournament:
“Showing nerves of steel, Breanna Gill triumphed in a playoff for her first professional win at the #AusWomensClassic!”

The account finally deleted the tweet after more than 3,000 negative comments were made, noting that “Breanna” Gill has bigger biceps than most male golfers. And he definitely does.
Gill bragged about his win and mocked all the other real women who he had just crushed in the tournament after he had champagne poured on him on the 18th hole:
“I always thought in my head if I ever got the opportunity to actually win a golf tournament and the girls happen to come running out on the green, I was going to stand there and take it. I wasn’t going to run away. If you get yourself in that position, you just take it. It was so special.”

In case no one has noticed the trend, male-to-female transgender dudes are some of the meanest, nastiest individuals in the way they treat other women. They tend to be mediocre athletes when it comes to competing against their own biological sex, so they instead revel in beating up all the girls in their sports while pretending to be a girl themselves. Then they huff and whine and call you a transphobe if you point out that “Breanna” Gill has a huge, well-defined, and extremely muscular set of arms and shoulders (and a penis).

The only surprising thing about the “Breanna” Gill is that he’s not competing in female rugby or ladies’ mixed martial arts because then he’d really be able to punch the cr*p out of all the girls.

For those who don’t think this is that big of a deal, remember that we’re now talking about a professional women’s sport, with big cash prizes on the line. It’s bad enough that transgender dudes are invading women’s college sports to break all the records and take all the first-place trophies home. That’s just gross, and the fact that colleges punish any real girls who speak out against it is downright repugnant.

LPGA tournaments this month are paying out an average first-place prize of around $262,000 this month. That’s what “Breanna” Gill just won. The second-place finisher gets around $159,000. Third-place finishers win around $100,000, and the prizes drop off significantly after that. Every single one of the 77 real women who just competed in that tournament against a man got bumped down one cash prize spot, representing a ton of money that was just taken away from them.

The lady who finished second in the tournament to “Breanna” Gill lost out on more than $100,000 cash because the LPGA lacks the moral courage to say that this dude is actually a dude and shouldn’t be allowed to compete with the ladies. Where’s all the feminist outrage over the patriarchy invading women’s sports like this? Do they all truly believe that the dudes taking home the trophies are “women?” Are they ever going to speak out against this?