Former NFL Star and Vocal Vax Backer Dies of Sudden Heart Attack

Andrey Yurlov /
Andrey Yurlov /

Ever since COVID broke out in China, some freaky things have happened across the globe. Yet, it was only after the vaccination for COVID came into existence that the real plan became visible to those who would pay attention. This was about not only thinning of the herd by the virus but also the vaccination for it. With the virus thinning off the weak, they used the vaccine to attack the strong.

Those who refused it have been targeted by many who blindly trust the government. Uche Nwaneri was one of those. He was incredibly active in his pro-vaccine initiatives and wanted anyone who refused to get vaccinated thrown into jail. He would go on tirades online and in public to anyone about the dangers of not getting the vaccine and pushed for it at any open opportunity.

Retiring after playing seven seasons for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Nwaneri had made a trip from Georgia up to his wife’s residence in West Lafayette, IN home. It was there that he died while asleep in her bed. She claimed she found him unresponsive at 1 am and immediately called for help. With no signs of foul play, the coroner ruled this to be a heart attack.

NFL-caliber athletes are among some of the healthiest people on the planet. Even the bigger players like Uche are operating at the peak of their personal fitness to play the sport at these levels for so long. His position as an offensive lineman certainly would have required excellent cardiovascular fitness, so to die of a heart attack is suspected.

These vaccines that Uche advocated for have been found to be a contributing factor in the deaths of many healthy people. From athletes to orchestra musicians to combat sports stars, many people at the pinnacle of fitness have been taken down by this vaccine. Yet the liberals keep pushing it as if it was the key to life itself.

Mind pollution like this has been causing problems for society for decades, but never with vaccinations. Before they had been proven and used thoroughly before people started using them. Instead, people like Dr. Fauci used them to thin the herd and control more of the sheep. If they couldn’t divide us enough with politics, race, and religion, they would now try simple vaccines. They got their wish, and now people like Uche are dying, and the left still isn’t waking up.

Coinciding with the tragic collapse and critical condition of Damar Hamlin early in the Bills game against Cincinnati, these heart conditions in seemingly healthy young men leave many troubled. Many are already questioning if Hamlin had listened to people like Uche, and got vaccinated. They also wonder if so, is that what did it, or was it a freak accident? Injuries happen in football, it’s a violent sport. Even still, they shouldn’t be happening as he did.

The NFL season doesn’t have much longer left to go, and the NBA and NHL aren’t even at midseason. Considering how frequently the number of vaccine-related deaths has been climbing, we may see deaths on the bench or field more often this year, and in the years to come. People need to be aware of the potential side effects, and from what we are seeing lately, they have no clue just how much they poisoned the population.