Twin Cities Metro Transit Puts up Signs Warning Migrants Not to Poop on Trains or Rape People

Robert Mullan /
Robert Mullan /

One of the constant refrains that we hear from the Democrat Party is that as soon as illegal aliens set foot on our soil, they are “just as American” as the rest of us. But are they really? Not if you judge by the actions of the Minneapolis/St. Paul public transportation system. Metro Transit has just installed signs warning illegal aliens that it is against the rules to poop or pee on the floors of the city’s trains or buses. Oh, and raping is also bad.

Metro Transit announced this week that it was installing new signs outlining the “Rules for Riding.” There are apparently some rules in this country that the illegal aliens have never encountered before in their home countries.

Here is the list of some items on the new “Rules for Riding.”

  • Don’t poop on the floor.
  • Don’t pee on the floor.
  • Don’t spit on people.
  • Don’t start fights.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t smoke crack.
  • Sexual contact without consent is forbidden.

Metro Transit might want to re-word that last rule. It sort of makes it sound like consensual sexual contact is allowed on the bus.

It’s unclear whether this new strategy is actually going to curb these behaviors by the illegal aliens. Especially since the signs are written in English. Then again, if they singled out certain languages for the signs, it might suggest that people from specific cultures are pooping on the floor. That would be racist. Maybe it’s better to just leave the signs in English.

All these behaviors on the trains and buses have skyrocketed since Joe Biden flooded the country with our fellow Americans from Third World countries. If you have to tell them not to poop on the floor and not rape anyone, maybe they’re not quite as American as the Democrats want us to believe?