Nikki Haley Suicide Bombs Her Own Campaign With the First Amendment

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

Despite trying to run a campaign to get on the GOP ticket for the 2024 Presidential election, Nikki Haley seems to be incredibly ignorant of the Constitution. Instead of learning the skills and tools that are necessary to be an effective commander-in-chief, she seems content with pushing a surprisingly liberal agenda.

Her latest target for attack is the First Amendment. Hiding behind an excuse based on Russian, Chinese, and Iranian bots, as well as getting people to behave respectfully online, she wants to end pseudonyms online. Declaring that once elected to “office, the first thing we have to do … social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms. Let us see why they’re pushing what they’re pushing. The second thing is every person on social media should be verified by their name,” she claimed. Calling this a “national security threat.”

Naturally, her attempts to attack the First Amendment were met with heavy criticism online, from both aliases and by those sharing their authentic names. Many pointed out how this was a flagrant violation of the Constitution, as well as reminding her that the Federalist Papers were signed by our founding fathers with pseudonyms. Given how far the liberals have gone to doxx people they don’t agree with, this kind of anonymity is crucial to the open exchange of ideas.

Losing our First Amendment right to decide what we write about and how we sign it is horrible for a GOP candidate to endorse. Haley knows how crucial this is to the American people. Having spent time as the US ambassador to the United Nations she has seen what can happen without it being in the fabric of America. During her time as Governor of South Carolina, she watched countless protests and other demonstrations by people enjoying the protections the First Amendment promises.

When it comes to monitoring social media, people should have the option of remaining anonymous. Given the number of “behind the scenes” record-tracking software programs already being used to identify and track people using social media, we don’t need to share our birth names or information with random people online.

One of the best perks of social media is being able to engage with people from across the globe. By not promoting every bit of our identities online, we can have conversations and learn about one another without having to hand them the keys to the kingdom of our personal lives. For members of the military, this anonymity is crucial to them being able to maintain relationships with their loved ones.

Pre-deployment briefs all include tips and rules about keeping sensitive information off the internet, especially social media. For those involved in “cool guy” organizations with the special operations communities, this is especially crucial and extends to things like profile pictures and names. Keeping a small circle is crucial, but being able to control who knows who you are is even better.

Haley seems all but committed to ensuring that she isn’t taken seriously as a candidate for the GOP ticket. Coming up with an agenda that erodes the very bedrock of the First Amendment in 2023/2024 is a horrible idea. It isn’t the way to get the American people on board with your ideas, instead, it’s a great way to see yourself to the door before you’ve even been noticed as being a viable person for the office.

As ironic as it might be for her to suicide bomb her own campaign by exercising her right to free speech, only to speak up in favor of limiting free speech, this is Nikki Haley personified. Perpetually tone-deaf to her audience, and ignorant as to how the American people perceive their rights, she seems to want to sneak a liberal fox into this immaculate conservative henhouse.

Sorry Nikki, it’s time for you to bow out and let the real Americans continue their campaign.