Quick-Thinking Hero Truck Driver Rescues 15 Trafficked Children

Drazen Zigic / shutterstock.com
Drazen Zigic / shutterstock.com

A truck driver who is only identified by his first name of Michael is being praised as a hero after he helped rescue 15 trafficked children in New Mexico. Michael was stopped at a rest stop on I-10 when he noticed a disturbing scene unfolding in front of him. He placed a phone call to the police and then chased a couple who had 15 children locked in a cage in the back of their pickup truck. The cops caught the couple, and the kids were rescued from what was probably a fate worse than death.

Michael noticed the pickup truck pull up near him when he was stopped at a rest stop on the evening of August 29th. The man and woman in the cab of the pickup got out and lifted a tarp off of a cage in the back. They then took a padlock off the cage and took several little girls out. They ushered the girls into the bathroom and then put them back in the cage before locking them up again.

Stuff like this is all a QAnon conspiracy theory, according to the media. If you watched the film “Sound of Freedom” this past summer and believed any of it, then you are a bad person. Because child trafficking on a massive scale is not real. The media says so!

“Then they take the padlock off, raise the tarp, and all these kids come out the back, and they’re forcing them into the bathroom,” Michael said, describing a scene that couldn’t possibly happen according to the mainstream media. “When they coming back out, they were pushing the kids back in there, locked them back in there, and pulled the f*cking tarp down.”

“I’m not real big on calling the cops, but when it comes to kids and their safety and with all this human trafficking and all this crap going on in the world, not cool,” says Michael. “So, I call the cops just to be on the safe side.”

The alleged kidnappers spotted Michael while he was on the phone and then fled. As he was on the phone with the police, Michael followed the couple. They were eventually able to outrun his larger big rig, but he gave police enough information that they were able to track the couple down and pull them over.

Child protective services was called to the scene to assist with the little girls. The girls that Michael helped rescue were no more than 3 or 4 years old.

“In the cage, there were hammocks with kids draped across the top,” Michael said, “And the entire bottom of the cage was filled with children.”

While giving his statement to the police, Michael said the officers informed him that “this happens all the time” – especially now that Joe Biden has thrown our southern border wide open. This was obviously drug cartel activity, so the police told Michael to leave the scene quickly for his own safety.

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has named Michael a TCA Highway Angel for spotting the kidnapped children, getting the police involved, and helping see to it that the 15 girls were rescued.

Here’s the video of the incident that Michael recorded on his cell phone, which the media says NEVER HAPPENS: