Liberals Are Enraged at Italy’s Pushback on the Woke Agenda

RossHelen /
RossHelen /

If Italy is the Florida of Europe, then Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is their Ron DeSantis. Better yet, she’s their Donald Trump, seeing as how she’s made so many leftist enemies as of late.

In a rather surprising twist, Meloni rose to power on one of the most conservative platforms the nation has seen in decades. And now that she’s in office, she’s not about to back down.

For starters, she’s tough on immigration, promising to block migrant ships and put Italy first.

But that’s not what most leftists hate her for.

Instead, that falls to her policy changes that continuously support traditional religious and family values.

You know, like her insistence that all Miss Italy contestants “must be a woman from birth.” This comes after the recent crowning of a transgender woman for Miss Netherlands.

Naturally, most on the left made a big to-do about this.

But still, it’s nothing in comparison to what Meloni just enacted when it comes to same-sex marriages and families.

According to CNN, the city of Padua has, per Meloni’s approval and new legislation put forth by her, started removing the names of non-biological lesbian mothers from their children’s birth certificates.

Per the new legislation, only biological mothers’ and fathers’ names can be on a child’s birth certificate. To be sure, it doesn’t outlaw same-sex couples or even same-sex parenting. However, it draws a clear line in the sand: “All babies are born from a man and a woman.”

Forbes has also noted that Meloni and her government are taking a stand against lab-grown meat and other synthetic foods as well. According to a proposed bill on the subject, it all has to do with preserving the rich and longstanding heritage of Italian cuisine. Additionally, it will defend consumers from harmful foods.

If anything, we can say Meloni is going for reality – real food, real families, and real women. That sounds like a good place to start.