Trump’s Deal with China Could Win Him Heartland States in 2024

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

As 2024 and its presidential election draws ever closer, everyone is discussing the chances of a 2020 rematch. For Donald Trump, he does not doubt that if it gets that far, he won’t have any problem beating Biden, and it’s all because of his trade deals with China.

Trump recently sat down with Fox News’ Mark Levin to discuss the possibility in his Florida home. The interview aired on Sunday and focused heavily on how what he did while in office would lead to a great many in America, and more specifically those in heavy farming states, to vote for him again in 2024.

One of his major achievements that would affect the way farmers and their communities think of him was the US-China Economic and Trade Agreement (Phase One).

If you aren’t familiar with the deal, it basically renegotiated trade, tariffs, etc., with China. Previously, the terms were not all that favorable to the US.

As Trump called it, “It was the rape of America, that’s what it was. It was the rape of America, what China was doing to us, and we had people leading that had no clue. They had no clue.”

And so, in true Trump fashion, he sat down with China to change things.

He told Levin that he and Chinese President Xi were “very close.” In fact, Xi spent “a whole weekend together at Mar-a-Lago” with Trump, during which time they had “tremendous talks.” And the end result was a “tremendous trade deal that awarded the US $50 billion.

Trump noted that $28 billion of that went directly to farmers and the agriculture industry.

And that is precisely “why the farmers like me,” Trump said. “That’s why I’m not losing Nebraska, and I’m not losing Iowa.”

Trump isn’t exaggerating, either.

You might not have heard much about it since it all went down around the same time that COVID and its subsequent pandemic arrived in all its fury. But Trump did, in fact, renegotiate tariffs and other arrangements with China to win farming and manufacturing industries a massive chunk of change, and a much-needed one at that.

Those funds also went a long way in reducing the national deficit, as well as the strength of the US economy as a whole.

Looking back now, the act seems nearly impossible. I mean, here we are, nearly on the brink of war with China and with President Xi getting closer in its relationship by the day with Russian officials. And yet, just a few short years ago, the US and China were making deals that only helped our nation.

It’s a rather stark contrast, to be sure.

And one that those in farming communities around the nation are sure to remember and point out when it comes time to choose our commander-in-chief again in 2024. Who do you think they will vote for, a man who literally gave them billions and all kinds of debt relief, or one who seems hellbent on destroying our economy from the inside out, who consistently adds new and expensive regulations and taxes on them?

I don’t think the choice will be all that difficult.

If Trump proved anything during his first four years in office, it’s that he actively worked to “Make America Great Again,” just like he promised. Another four years with him at the helm wouldn’t be any different.

Meanwhile, a measly two years with Biden in the Oval Office has literally sent our economy into dire straits. And don’t even get me started on how he’s ruined our relationships with most foreign countries.

Trump is right; farmers love him. And it will no doubt prove beneficial to him come 2024.