The White House Expects Citizens To Provide for Illegals


While representatives of the Biden administration have said some horrifically ignorant things in the past, their shortsighted, liberal policy-first mentality is doing nothing but causing further diversion among Americans. With the recent surge of illegal immigration, they have been playing the race cards and history cards like they will get everyone to ignore the 300,000-pound elephant in the room.

Speaking to reporters before President Biden met with Mexican President on Jan 9th, WH spokesman John Kirby told press reporters what the American people need to be doing. “You can’t forget that … we do, as a nation of immigrants, have an obligation to provide better tools and pathways for them to come in.” No, Mr. Kirby. We do not have an obligation to make things easier.

What he and the rest of the Democratic party seem to forget is that being an American is a lot like being rich. You either luck out by being born into it or it comes as a side benefit from marriage. Then, you can earn it through hard work and be patient while making smart decisions.

Then again, the whole “Nation of immigrants” line has only been pushed since the 1950s, when they wanted to see more migration into the country. Biden is trying to take the country back in that direction despite it being a rather ugly part of our history. Kirby also went on to discuss how Biden is attempting to “curb”, not stop illegal immigration. Considering how much the American people oppose this kind of immigration, it would be a good move if done right.

“This is a President who understands that safe and legal immigration into this country is a key cornerstone of our own security and prosperity, and that he is advancing ways to improve those legal pathways to entry … and that the illegal migration is curbed as best as we can.”

Curbing illegal immigration would be great if he means sending them back home. Instead, they are trying to coach them into seeking asylum or another claim that will allow them to stay free and set them up for becoming Americans. This long game can guarantee generations of Democrat votes, while they do everything they can to hold them back.

With the administration already admitting they want to widen the pathway to citizenship and welcome more people into the US, it’s only a matter of time until they have brought in more illegals in a year than we have Americans born. They know the kind of gratitude that level of immigration will bring them. It’s a horribly abusive system and with many earning less than $1,000 and already needing places to live, they have come to a country to push our own poorest even further into poverty.

Surveys show the American people would rather see Title 42 be left alone, but President Biden is trying to end it as soon as humanly possible. As it stands only one in six are approving of immigration as a whole, and one in three thinks immigration is making the US “worse off” than before.

Even Gov Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has his attorney general Ashley Moody going after Biden. “This Court, therefore, should vacate [stop] the following policies: (1) the government’s policy of releasing aliens subject to mandatory detention … whether based on an untenable assertion of enforcement discretion to ignore § 1225 or an abuse of the parole authority under § 1182 and (2) [stop] the Parole + ATD policy, which also misuses the parole authority under § 1182.”

This is being done as a reminder to the globe as well as the American people. Americans need to remember we are not a hideout for people in other countries. More to the point, this is not the place where you go on vacation and just decide to stay. We have our own people to take care of and as a nation, we have failed many of them.