Democrats Can’t Stop Hoping They Will Be Targeted by Trump 

Tennessee Witney /
Tennessee Witney /

The more Democrats talk about being “targeted” by former President Donald Trump should he win a second term, the more apparent it becomes that, in some twisted way, they hope they are important enough for it to be true. 

Hint: They aren’t. 

Nor is Trump planning a Revenge Tour, seeking to assassinate Biden, nuke D.C., or any of the other myriads of plans Democrats are obsessing over. 

In the latest media hype, self-proclaimed “expert” Axios co-founder Jim Vande Hei shared his visions of a Trump presidency with “Morning Joe.” And the plans are getting wilder with each passing day. 

Vande Hei frantically contends that Trump plans to possibly use the National Guard and the military to gather and expel millions of individuals from the United States. He also intends to consider using the military to secure the southern border.  

Additionally, worries Vande Hei, Trump has been clear about his intention to remove civil servants in the U.S. government whom he perceives as disloyal. He plans to use a distinctive interpretation of the law, which he believes will hold up in court, to remove them. They have already pre-vetted thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of people to bring into the government to carry out his directives, enabling him to act more efficiently and quickly, claims Vande Hei. 

It’s incredible how quickly the left has escalated its “fear” over a Trump presidency. It’s like riding a roller coaster – fear is half the fun. And, if liberal reaction is any indication, Democrats are having a blast. The America they predict is a third-world country, with soldiers roaming the streets and the sounds of military gunfire echoing on city streets. 

From somehow passing a nationwide abortion ban to hauling “innocent” progressives before a firing squad, there is little limit to the left’s imagination.  

Intel officers are joining the fun, predicting that Trump will “turn America’s spy services into weapons of retribution” against his rivals. But it’s too late; Biden has already set that precedent. 

Senior Trump campaign advisor Brian Hughes finds himself amused at the panic. “There is a rich irony in hearing some of the deepest, deep-state voices sudden concern for the institution of legitimate national security intelligence,” Hughes wrote in an email. He notes that those panicking are the same individuals who consistently worked to undermine American democracy and promoted the ‘Russia hoax’ to disrupt an American election. He added that It’s “outrageous” to hear them now criticize a significant discussion aimed at ensuring a Constitutionally-based national security pathway while once again spreading blatantly political lies for the corrupt administration they serve. 

And the insanity is contagious. According to former officials and lawmakers, foreign allies are concerned about protecting their intelligence sources. If Trump wins a second term, they may discreetly reduce the information they share with U.S. counterparts. The strong cooperation and trust between U.S. and allied intelligence agencies, crucial for tracking terrorist threats and managing international crises, could be at risk. A former CIA officer noted that some allies might cautiously withhold intelligence on topics like Russia to avoid retribution. 

In the midst of all this, Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), “The View” co-host Joy Behar, and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow think that Trump will target them and get their TV shows taken off the air. 

Behar recently mentioned that, as an outspoken critic, she thought she could be a target herself. Some might consider that an overdramatic view, but she believes he is vindictive enough to pursue them through any means necessary, such as the IRS or sponsors, to get them off the air. It’s not entirely unrealistic; it’s what Obama did to conservatives through targeted IRS actions.  

Maddow went one step further, predicting that Trump would send her to a “massive camp.” And AOC said she worries Trump will throw her in jail. 

As if Trump would have the time to target three nobodies. He’ll be far too busy running his dictatorship if predictions are accurate. 

It’s clear that for many hysterical leftists, the only thing greater than the fear of a Trump presidency is the fear that they will be overlooked on Trump’s revenge tour and proven to be of no significance to the former President. That cancellation is more terrifying than canceling their subpar TV shows. 

Frankly, Trump doesn’t care. And in November, the country will prove that Americans don’t care, either.