Sanctuary State Begs for Ironic Mercy After Illegal Aliens Took Them Seriously

Jim Vallee /
Jim Vallee /

It’s always fun to sit back and watch the worst plans of the Democrat Party blow up in their faces. If it weren’t for the fact that Joe Biden is destroying the country, it would be a non-stop barrel of laughs to watch all the liberal sanctuary cities that are begging for mercy from the endless waves of illegal invaders. Massachusetts has finally decided to throw in the towel. Gov. Maura Healey (D) is sending word to the southern border that her “sanctuary” state is full, and she’d really appreciate it if no more illegal aliens showed up there.

In news that didn’t surprise anyone but the Democrat Party, the generous package of welfare benefits that Massachusetts offers to illegal aliens makes it a favored destination for them. The illegals kept showing up and now public resources are stretched beyond the breaking point. There are no shelter beds left in any community in the state.

More than 100 illegal aliens have been sleeping on the floor at Logan Airport in Boston. Gov. Healey has some bad news for those folks. She’s deporting them on July 9th! We should say, she’s deporting them from the airport. They’ll still be in Massachusetts gobbling up taxpayer resources. They just won’t be doing it in Boston.

One of the state’s latest strategies to deal with the influx has been to refurbish a mothballed prison. The Bay State Correctional Center in Norfolk, MA, used to be a minimum-security prison. Starting in July, the former prison will be home to about 450 illegal aliens who are currently in Boston. That’s great news for the people of Boston!

It’s not so great for the residents of the tiny Massachusetts town of Norfolk, population 11,500. When they were informed that their little town would be getting a 4% population increase overnight, they were less than thrilled. Norfolk voted heavily for Joe Biden in 2020. We’ll be curious to see whether they’re smart enough to connect the dots when they vote in this November’s elections!

This comes just after Healey sent a state delegation to the border to tell the NGOs and border officials that there’s no more room for illegals in Massachusetts. They also passed out fliers to illegal aliens in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. The fliers explain that if illegal aliens want to come to Massachusetts, they’re no longer allowed to sleep on the floor at the airport. The leaflets also warn that if you want to come to Massachusetts, you had better already have a place to stay lined up, because the state won’t help you. The “or else” was sort of implied.

Who knew that Gov. Maura Healey was such a bigot against illegal aliens? Maybe someone on her staff should whip out a dictionary and show her what the word “sanctuary” means. We thought that liberals’ hearts were supposed to be filled with compassion for all the little brown voters they’re importing. “People,” rather. We meant to say “people” instead of “voters.”

Plus, how coldhearted does Gov. Healey have to be to tell illegal aliens that they’re not allowed to sleep on the floor in one of the busiest airports in America any longer? Do you know who else told illegal aliens they couldn’t sleep on the floor at the airport?

Probably Hitler!

(Editor’s Note: Not an actual quote from Hitler.)

You have to admit the whole thing is hilarious. Then again, maybe it’s not such a bad idea for Gov. Healey to have the illegals live in a refurbished prison. They can just lock the doors when President Trump is ready to send in the Deportation Force next year and they’ll be able to round a bunch of them up in one place. Way to think ahead, Governor Healey!