Trump Will Pardon All of Joe Biden’s Pro-Life Political Prisoners on Day One

Rena Schild /
Rena Schild /

One of the largely untold stories of the Years of Terror under Joe Biden is the one of the ordinary Americans being imprisoned for lawfully protesting things. Americans watched in disgust as domestic terrorists tried to burn the country down in 2020 and were never charged with crimes. With Biden in charge, Americans who silently pray near abortion clinics are being viciously rounded up and imprisoned. President Donald Trump is telling the stories of those political prisoners now and has promised to free them on his first day in office.

During a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition this month, President Trump spoke about Paulette Harlow’s harrowing case. Paulette is a 75-year-old Catholic nurse. She’s a mother of four and a grandmother of eight. She’s not a threat to anyone. Joe Biden had her arrested for talking to people outside of a notorious abortion clinic in Boston, MA.

The Biden regime charged her with a federal “conspiracy against rights” charge because she talked to people outside the abortion clinic. This particular clinic, by the way, performs horrific late-term abortions. The ghouls working there chop up viable babies who could easily survive outside the womb. Biden’s criminal Justice Department says that Paulette Harlow violated the rights of people trying to enter the murder house under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

Paulette was kept under house arrest for months before her trial and sentencing. The judge threw the book at her. She sentenced the 75-year-old grandmother to two years in prison. Her husband begged the court to have mercy on Paulette because she’s in failing health and is not expected to survive on her own in prison. Her husband even offered to go to prison instead of his wife.

It should go without saying that people who are willing to chop babies up into little pieces are not merciful. Mr. Harlow’s request was denied.

President Trump noted in his speech that Biden often has elderly abortion protesters rounded up by heavily armed SWAT teams. He says his case will quickly review the cases of every political prisoner that Biden has jailed and get them “out of the gulags and back to their families where they belong.”

The president has also pledged to create a new federal task force to root out anti-Christian bias and other forms of religious discrimination in the US. The task force will protect Christians in public schools, the military, the federal government, private sector workplaces, hospitals, and the public square.

Americans have been living in fear of their own government since Joe Biden’s first day in office. People may have forgotten, but during Biden’s very first day in office, someone started bombing pro-life pregnancy centers around the country. The Justice Department shrugged and never even looked into it. The DOJ and the FBI were too busy hunting down elderly Trump supporters who wandered into the US Capitol with their knitting needles on January 6th.

The FBI has agents spying on traditional Latin Mass Catholic churches, school board meetings, and presumably many other types of public gatherings. Instead of protecting America from the terrorists and child rapists pouring across our southern border, the Biden regime has declared the American people to be public enemy number one. The Department of Homeland Security under Biden has labeled every Trump supporter as a potential “domestic violent extremist.”

Joe Biden is not going to be nicer to patriotic Americans or Christians if he gets a second term in office. Our only hope of turning this problem around in America is to reelect Donald Trump.