Uber Eats Business Plummets in Seattle After Liberals Try to ‘Help’

Vlad Ispas / shutterstock.com
Vlad Ispas / shutterstock.com

Now that Democrat policies have crushed American workers with runaway inflation, liberal politicians are trying to “help.” The city of Seattle mandated that Uber Eats needs to start paying its gig drivers more per hour. In order to accommodate the new requirements, Uber was forced to impose a $4.99 fee on every food order. You’ll never guess what happened next!

Since the new fee was tacked onto every order, business for Uber Eats has plummeted by 45% in Seattle. People who use the app to order takeout already pay a monthly fee to use the app, in addition to a tip for the driver on every order. The additional $4.99 fee was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This liberal “help” has hurt the drivers badly. They say they’re now working more hours for less pay. Plus, orders for small items like afternoon snacks have disappeared because it’s not worth paying the added fee.

It hurts the restaurants as well. Most restaurants started using delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash during the pandemic. That’s continued since the pandemic ended and it has been a nice added revenue stream for them. Unfortunately, people can’t afford to add $4.99 to the already inflated price of a meal.

The “help” has even hurt the city of Seattle. Every Uber Eats order charges a 3.85% sales tax. With orders dropping by 45%, the city is losing out on all the sales tax revenue.

The CEO of Uber noted on a call with analysts last month that all these regulations have ended up hurting the very same people that they were supposed to help. Which sums up liberalism perfectly, don’t you think?