Australia Creates New Government Agency to ‘Change Men’s Behavior’

Gustavo Frazao /
Gustavo Frazao /

The Australian government has been completely captured by wokeness and third-wave feminism. If this wasn’t already clear during the country’s tyrannical COVID-19 hysteria, it should be after this.

Australia’s radical feminist Prime Minister has created a new government agency tasked with “changing men’s behavior.” The Ministry for Men’s Behaviour Change, as it’s called, is tasked with stamping out normal masculine behavior in favor of a more feminized masculinity that is much less likely to rebel against a tyrannical government.

Australia’s treatment of its citizens during COVID-19 was truly shocking to the world. It became the first nation in Western civilization to be credibly accused of human rights violations since Nazi Germany. Now that Australia plans to use the government to try to alter natural men’s behaviors, the country’s transformation into the Soviet Union is almost complete.

MP Tim Richardson has been appointed as the first Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change. If the word “cuck” ever ends up in the dictionary, Tim Richardson’s picture will probably be next to the definition. He looks less masculine than Australian Premier Jacinta Allan, who appointed him to the job. Who better to stamp out masculinity than a loathsome, effeminate girly-man?

It’s probably occurred to most readers that social engineering of this magnitude—trying to change the behavior of half the population—reeks of Orwellian dystopia. It’s not the government’s job to alter people’s behavior. Yet the globalists who are behind this plot against humanity have been laying the groundwork for this plan for some time. They started by demonizing men during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s when the government started claiming that there were shocking increases in the number of domestic violence cases in Australia. The lockdowns were causing men to beat their wives up in record numbers. You probably remember similar claims here in the United States (which means that Joe Biden will be setting a federal department to alter men’s behavior sometime in his second term).

Even after the pandemic, the government in Australia continues to claim that the country is going through a “crisis of sexist violence against women.” This is a lie, of course. None of the data supports that assertion.

During the pandemic, almost all of the violence against women was committed by the police as they were enforcing the government’s draconian lockdowns. For example, a pregnant woman wrote a single post on Facebook in which she raised the possibility of people in her city publicly protesting the lockdowns. The police showed up, violently handcuffed her, and hauled her off to jail. Human Rights Watch criticized the Australian government for this disproportionate reaction to someone posting words on a website.

Hospital data doesn’t support the government’s assertions about sexist violence, either. Husbands were far more likely to go to the hospital for injuries their wives inflicted on them during the lockdowns. Men weren’t beating their wives up. Women were beating their husbands up. Yet the men are the ones being targeted for government-enforced behavioral change experiments.

This methodical demonization of men has been underway for years. The Ministry of Men’s Behaviour Change is obviously something they’ve been planning for a long time. It is a continuation of the slow erosion of all our human rights in what was once known as Western civilization. We should pay attention to what the globalists are doing in Australia because they plan to do the same thing here in America over the next few years.