Get Ready for Sparkling Displays Across the Country!

Romolo Tavani /
Romolo Tavani /

As the United States prepares to mark its birthday, vibrant festivals, dazzling fireworks, and joyful processions await.

Here’s a rundown of fantastic destinations offering unforgettable experiences so you can start planning where you’re going to go.

New Orleans

On July 4, witness the iconic ‘Go 4th on the River’ extravaganza paying tribute to the city’s rich musical legacy and maritime past. Enjoy breathtaking views of the fireworks-lit skyline from Crescent Park, or embark on a festive riverboat cruise.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Starting bright and early on July 4, indulge in pancakes before joining the lively procession through picturesque streets. Later, marvel at the awe-inspiring fireworks reflected beautifully in Frenchman Bay – voted one of the USA’s finest spectacles!

Angel Fire, New Mexico

Experience something unique on July 5 when hundreds of drones paint the dark skies above Angel Fire Resort with mesmerizing patterns during the post-July 4 bash.

Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Join the mountainous revelry atop Beech Mountain Ski Resort on July 6. Feast on mouthwatering BBQ delights, groove to foot-tapping tunes, and bask in twinkling lights illuminating the mountaintop.

These incredible getaways promise non-stop excitement, delectable eats, and memories galore! Whether near or far, grab friends and loved ones and toast to freedom amidst these sparkling American landscapes.

Happy Birthday, America!