Newsom Wage Hike Causes Hunger Crisis in California

Matt Gush /
Matt Gush /

When California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) hiked the minimum wage up to $20 an hour for fast food workers in April, it immediately started causing those famous “unintended consequences” that liberal policies are known for. Just two months into this fiasco, more than 10,000 fast-food employees have already been fired. Dozens of restaurants have been forced to shut down. Here’s one that nobody saw coming, however. College students in California are now experiencing a food crisis because of the double whammy of Newsom’s wage hike and Joe Biden’s inflation.

Many people don’t realize it, but college students are one of the main demographics that regularly consume fast food. They don’t have kitchens to prepare their own meals, they’re on tight budgets, and they don’t care if their meals are less than healthy. Fast food has traditionally been a quick and cheap way for them to get a meal, without wasting a lot of time until they can get back to hitting the books.

A recent study by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology found that 84% of college students consume fast food regularly and 52% eat it every week. However, that’s all changed in the wake of Gavin Newsom’s $20 minimum wage hike. Instead of relying on fast food regularly, 84% of college students now say they are experiencing food insecurity in California.

Even people with jobs and money are astonished at how Newsom and Biden have blown up the price of food in California. When Donald Trump was still in office, a family of four could still eat a fast-food meal for less than $25 in California. Today, that same meal for that same family can cost more than $70 unless you get something truly crummy like the fish sandwiches.

Here are some examples of how fast-food prices have ballooned since Newsom’s idiotic minimum wage hike went into effect.

Remember when you could get five beef and cheddar sandwiches at Arby’s for $5.00? It now costs $15.09 for one sandwich at Arby’s.

A Big Mac meal at McDonald’s now costs $14.69, as long as you don’t super-size it. One social media user complained recently that he had paid $25 for a Chicken McNuggets meal at his local McDonald’s. Even a plain cheeseburger meal is $13.

Some of the footlong sandwich options at Subway now cost $21. For a freakin’ Subway sandwich! That’s not exactly gourmet cookin’ like mom used to make. $21?!

The cheapest burrito at Chipotle in California is now $13.60. You don’t get anything with it. That’s just the cost of the burrito.

Keep in mind that these prices were already put in place after California raised the minimum wage to $16 an hour in January. Now that Newsom has jacked minimum wage up to $20 an hour for fast food workers, McDonald’s and Chipotle say they will be forced to raise the price of many menu items to more than $20. That doesn’t just put fast food out of the reach of college students. Most people in the middle class won’t pay that for fast food.

There are a couple of devious factors at play here. One, this is revenge against the fast-food workers who tried and failed to unionize a few years ago in California. The Democrat Party’s corrupt labor unions control everything in California. Since the workers wouldn’t play ball by unionizing, the unions are having Newsom get them all fired, so they’ll hopefully get a union job somewhere else. (Yes, the labor unions in California are that cynical and evil.)

The other factor is that globalists like Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden are reordering American society on behalf of the World Economic Forum. They don’t want you eating ze meats. They want you eating ze bugs. So, they’re making traditional American foods too expensive, in hopes that we’ll all be relieved when they roll out the cheap bug burgers.