Vermont Demands Christian Foster Families Change Their Religion

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The foster care crisis in Vermont is so bad because of Joe Biden’s fentanyl trafficking operations that the government is now begging families to open their homes and shelter kids who are currently in state custody. Kids are even being left at police stations and hospitals because there’s no more room in the state custody system to house them. There’s one category of parents, however, who need not apply. The state has been kicking Christian families out of the foster care system, claiming that they represent a “danger” to transgender children.

Two Christian families have now filed a lawsuit against Vermont for violating their First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression. Both families have a long track record of success in the foster care system, especially when it comes to placing the babies of drug-addicted mothers. The state has blocked them from fostering any more kids, however, and explicitly states that the reason is because they hold traditional religious views on gender and sexuality.

The couples are Brian and Kaitlyn Wuoti, and Michael and Rebecca Gantt. Their lawsuit accuses the Vermont Department for Children and Families of mandating an ideological position in order to foster children. Brian Wuoti and Michael Gantt are both Christian pastors. Between the two families, they have adopted five foster children as their own over the years.

But for the State of Vermont, babies should be dumped at a police station rather than have children under the influence of loving Christian families with traditional gender views.

When a homeless woman addicted to drugs was about to give birth to a baby last year, the Department for Children and Families asked Michael and Rebecca Gantt if they’d be willing to foster the newborn. Before the Gantts could even agree, the state sent a follow-up email telling them that they must accept the state’s views on gender ideology.

This was not a child that was expressing one of the Democrat Party’s weirdo gender identities. It was a baby that had not even been born yet.

The Gantts told the state that they would unconditionally love and support the baby, but they refused to compromise their deeply held and personal religious beliefs. The state immediately canceled the Gantts’ license as a foster family.

Brian and Kaitlyn Wuoti’s experience was equally insane. When they tried to renew their license as foster parents, the state tried to force them to sign a document renouncing their Christian faith. One of the caseworkers at the Department for Children and Families had rated the Wuotis as “AMAZING” and declared them to be the single best foster family in the entire state system before this happened.

The state asked the Wuotis whether they would be willing to take foster kids to Pride parades and whether they would use false pronouns when addressing them. They refused based on their Christian faith and were kicked out of the program.

The state did offer them an option to get recertified as foster parents, however. It’s really worth pondering the Soviet-esque nature of this offer.

All they would have to do is attend reeducation classes – you know, sort of like in a camp – and then change to a different religion within a year. Any religion other than Christianity would be acceptable to the state. Just not Christianity.

It’s hard to believe that this is happening in the United States, which was founded based on the Christian faith. This is how far our country has fallen. Unless Christian families renounce their faith and get in line with the trans agenda, they’re no longer allowed to participate in Vermont’s foster care system.