Jill Biden’s Interview on “The View” Likely Hurt Biden’s Campaign Even Further

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden is currently facing low approval ratings and his team appears increasingly desperate. Their recent tactics include bringing actor Robert De Niro along to the Trump impeachment trial, which broke all norms ahead of handing over the case to the jury. The Trump team accused them of politicizing the proceedings.

Moreover, Jill Biden recently appeared on ABC’s “The View,” defending her husband’s ability to handle the presidency despite clear signs otherwise. She argued that the upcoming presidential race wouldn’t focus solely on age; instead, it should revolve around character. However, the contrast between her statements and reality raises questions.

Regarding future debates, Jill believes viewers will witness Biden’s intelligence and experience firsthand. Nonetheless, critics argue that Biden may struggle under pressure due to his history of verbal missteps and emotional reactions. For instance, he once lashed out at a voter, swearing profusely after being questioned about gun control. Another time, he lost track of his speaking points during a speech at West Point.

Despite Jill Biden’s optimistic viewpoint, America remains skeptical of Biden’s suitability to serve as commander-in-chief. Instead of addressing genuine concerns, the Biden camp continues its attacks on Trump. Most notably, Jill warned that conservatives gaining positions within the judicial system might result in the loss of civil liberties. Such rhetoric only further highlights the desperation emanating from Team Biden.

Then, the lies start to spill forward.

Actually, Joe screams at everyone. Auto workers, reporters, and even those in the White House. Hell, he screamed (and kicked) at his own dog. Clearly, Joe has some anger issues that he needs to work through.

She also claims Joe is doing an “amazing” job for the US.

Yikes. She’s clearly delusional. But it’s not like the ladies on The View are going to tell her that she’s wrong. They’re sipping the same Kool-Aid as all the other liberals out there who truly believe Biden has a chance at beating Trump in November.

We leave you with this gem from First Lady Jill Biden. As a “doctor,” we really expected her to understand how the Supreme Court is supposed to work. Apparently not…