Ukrainian Recruits’ Survival Rate Down to Just 3 Hours as Putin Calls for Yet Another Ceasefire

Kutsenko Volodymyr /
Kutsenko Volodymyr /

Newly drafted recruits in Ukraine who are shipped to the front lines to fight Russia are only surviving an average of three hours before being killed. That’s an hour less than they survived in 2023. Russia has completely crushed the little backwater nation of Ukraine, and the only people still insisting otherwise are Joe Biden and the CIA’s fake journalists at places like the Washington Post. They’ve run out of Ukrainians for Vladimir Putin’s troops to kill, so once again, the Russian president is offering a ceasefire.

This is now the third or fourth peace offering that Putin has made since 2022. Following a surprise push across Ukraine’s northern border in mid-May, Russian forces now control most of eastern Ukraine. The four southeastern regions of Ukraine—Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson—are now entirely under Russian control. All the towns around Kharkiv in the north have fallen.

The “front” in the war is now so large that Ukraine no longer has enough troops to effectively hold off Russia. Ukrainian men who fled to Hungary spoke to the newspaper Tynyek last week. They say that being drafted into the Ukrainian military now means certain death.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s press gangs now roam the streets in Ukrainian cities. They stop people in the street, take away their documents, and put them on a bus to the nearest military camp. After a very brief training, in which they basically learn which direction to point a rifle, they are sent to the front, where they are quickly killed by the highly trained Russian forces.

You’d think that the Ukrainian government would be eager to pursue peace with Russia at this point. More than 500,000 young Ukrainian men have been slaughtered in the past two years, compared to about 50,000 Russian troops. Putin says that the four eastern Russian-speaking provinces that have been liberated from Ukraine are now permanently Russian lands.

A spokesman for Putin said this week, when calling for a ceasefire, that Russia has no desire for “permanent war.” With the liberation of the Russian provinces in Ukraine, most of Russia’s political motives for the invasion have been met. The problem, of course, is convincing the money-grubbing money launderers in Washington, DC, and NATO to accept the fact that they’ve suffered a crushing defeat and it’s over.

Putin last made a ceasefire offer in February, which Joe Biden instantly turned down. In the intervening months, Congress passed yet another aid package to send another $60 billion to support a war effort that was already lost.

Switzerland has offered to hold bizarre peace talks next month. Why is that bizarre? Because they didn’t invite Russia to the talks. NATO is hoping that China will send diplomats and that they can pressure them into leaning on Russia to end the war, but without the victor gaining any of the spoils that they’ve earned. Russia now controls almost 20% of Ukraine’s territory, but NATO expects to talk them into giving it up.

Plus, it hasn’t occurred to any of the foreign policy mediocrities in Washington or NATO that China benefits the most from Joe Biden’s proxy war with Russia. Biden has severely weakened America’s fighting capabilities by sending too many of our weapons systems and materiel to Ukraine. Meanwhile, China plans to seize Taiwan before the election in November. They want to reunify the island with the mainland because they’re worried that Donald Trump will be reelected, and the world will be forced to pursue peace once again.