CIA Coup Attempt Stopped in DR Congo. Can Biden Do Anything Right?

Aleksandrkozak /
Aleksandrkozak /

At least three Americans who are suspected of being CIA operatives were arrested Sunday morning during a failed coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), formerly Zaire. It’s just the latest example of the sort of total foreign policy failure that Americans have become accustomed to with Joe Biden in the White House and the thoroughly incompetent Tony Blinken serving as his Secretary of State.

The coup attempt was led by Congolese opposition leader Christian Malanga, who is described as a naturalized US citizen. A gunfight broke out in the capital city of Kinshasa on Sunday. Malanga and several of his soldiers, carrying a Zaire flag, were killed in the fighting.

Video immediately emerged on social media of two of the captured soldiers. One of those arrested was Malanga’s son, Marcel Malanga, who is described as a “TikTok influencer.” (You know your coup is in good hands when…)

Another American in the video has been identified as Benjamin Reuben Zalman-Polun. Malanga was seen affectionately referring to him as “Agent Ben” in videos recorded just before the launch of the failed attack.

The CIA has been toppling and re-toppling the government in DR Congo since at least the Eisenhower administration and is believed to have been involved in the assassination of the country’s first Prime Minister decades ago. America has already seen two previous stinging failures in Africa earlier this year at the hands of the Biden regime.

American forces have been driven out of Mali and Burkina Faso under the watchful eyes of Tony Blinken. In both instances, the military was forced to retreat while abandoning hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment.