Never Trumpers Are Turning into Never Biden Voters?

Tennessee Witney /
Tennessee Witney /

For just about as long as Donald Trump has been a presidential candidate, the term “NeverTrumpers” has been a thing. But now, that term is being replaced by Never Again…

And for incumbent president Joe Biden, that’s not a good thing.

As you know, there are Democrats and Republicans alike who have never been fans of Trump. As such, they have vowed to never vote for him, hence the NeverTrumper nickname. However, as Biden’s economy and administration continue to flounder, many of those no longer see Trump as the worst thing for America. Instead, that title is being transferred to Biden.

Now, of course, this doesn’t exactly mean that these people aren’t in full support of Trump. But what it does mean is that many have now vowed never to vote for Biden again, giving us a new “Never Again” movement, or even Never Bidens…

According to Eli Lake of The Free Press, much of this has to do with Biden’s recent stance on the Israel/Hamas conflict. At the start of this, Biden said he was fully in support of our longstanding ally, although he never fully condemned the actions of the Gaza-based terrorist group either.

But now, his actions say he’s not nearly as supportive as he says, or at least as he once was.

In fact, it recently became known that Biden is reconsidering sending aid and weapons to Israel despite that support already being congressionally approved.

Naturally, this has angered no small number of Americans. And for many, it’s become the last straw to be broken in their support of Biden.

Take former Nikki Haley supporter Cliff Asness, for example. The co-founder of AQR Capital Management told The Free Press that his “’Never Again’ is trumping my ‘Never Trump’ these days” as a result. He continued by saying, “Biden is a huge disappointment, really a moral outrage, with this arms embargo being only the latest and greatest outrage.”

Hedge fund billionaire and long time Democrat Bill Ackman is another who is enraged by this latest Biden act. Saying it is “crazy” on his X account and adding that “hopefully, this means he won’t be sitting for much longer.”

As I explained, this doesn’t necessarily mean that either of these men are all in for Trump just yet. But as a managing partner of a venture capital firm, Maniv told the outlet, the likelihood is getting better by the day.

“I am not voting for Biden. I’m not saying I’m voting for Trump, but it’s a nonzero chance now” for Biden.

In contrast to just a year or so ago, many now see Biden as the bigger threat to democracy, and not just when it comes to Israel. Biden has also continued to gain traction on big-ticket items like immigration and the economy.

Meanwhile, even Democrats can remember both of those issues being better handled when Trump was at the helm.

And as the Washington Examiner’s Bryon York noted, there are only about six months left until the general election. By this stage, most voters are already pretty well hardened as to their feelings for one candidate or another, save anything major or unexpected happening.

As things stand at present, Biden’s campaign is pretty much “dead in the water,” York says – “particularly in respect to the economy.”

At this point, all Trump needs to do is continue doing what he has been, hammering Biden on the issues he’s failing at.