Barriers and Barbed Wire Cut Illegal Alien Invasion by 99 Percent Overnight in Texas

Vadzim Mashkou /
Vadzim Mashkou /

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s takeover of the border near Eagle Pass has been a smashing success. Ever since kicking the Border Patrol out and having the National Guard install barriers and huge amounts of concertina wire, the flood of illegal aliens pouring into Eagle Pass has dropped by 99.6%. That’s according to figures that Gov. Abbott’s team prepared for a briefing with President Donald Trump during his visit to Eagle Pass last Thursday.

Eagle Pass, which has a population of about 28,000 people, has been suffering under the crushing weight of Joe Biden’s suicidal open borders plan. More than 4,000 illegal invaders were flooding across the border at a park in Eagle Pass every day. When Abbott had the National Guard install razor wire and barriers, they caught treasonous Border Patrol officers sneaking into the park and cutting the wires to aid the invasion.

On January 11th, Gov. Abbott had the Texas National Guard kick all federal officers out of the park. Once Biden’s federal employees were gone, the National Guard was able to install enough barricades and concertina wire to seal off a 2.5-mile section of the border. After taking over a section of the city along the border, the National Guard captured only 381 invaders through the rest of January. That’s an average of just 18 encounters per day and a 99.6% decrease compared to before.

In the first three-and-a-half months of February, the daily average dropped down to just eight arrests per day. The Texas Department of Public Safety’s South Texas Region says the volume of illegal aliens breaching the border in other areas around Eagle Pass has gone down by more than 70% since January 11th. Word has obviously gotten out in the massive camps on the Mexican side of the border that it’s no longer a simple matter to cross into Eagle Pass.

“This is an incredible operation,” said President Trump, praising the operation.

All Texas law enforcement officers now have the authority to arrest alien invaders on criminal trespassing charges. Analysis of federal data on border crossings shows that the majority of illegal aliens have now shifted and are crossing the border in Arizona and California. Texas has been largely successful in stemming the flood of illegals ever since Gov. Abbott hired former Border Patrol official Mike Banks to serve as the state’s border czar.

During his tenure, Banks has expanded the size of the border wall, installed concertina wire across multiple areas, and installed anti-climbing panels to keep illegals out. The Border Patrol and the state of Texas are now at a stalemate following a Supreme Court decision last month. While the high court ruled that the Border Patrol has the authority to cut the concertina wire, it simultaneously ruled that Texas has the right to kick federal employees out of the park.

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security threatened to sue Texas if Governor Abbott didn’t take the concertina wire down by January 24th. Abbott called their bluff and no lawsuit has been filed.

Any way you look at it, a 99% decline in the number of illegal crossings in just a matter of weeks is an amazing accomplishment. The nation owes its thanks to Gov. Abbott for doing this. Here is a portion of President Trump’s remarks from the border last week: