Texans Stand Down Pro-Palestine Parasite

Leena Robinson / shutterstock.com
Leena Robinson / shutterstock.com

On January 13th, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave a speech to supporters in Collin County, TX. As he got into it, a young man in the crowd started screaming out with a pro-Palestine message. Before he could cause a significant disturbance, he was quickly surrounded by men in cowboy hats. As they manhandled him out of the speech, the kid was heard yelling, “Don’t f**king touch me!” over and over again.

This event was hosted as a campaign stop for Abbott’s re-election efforts. This event also happened to coordinate with a pro-Palestine march that descended on the White House. While the Secret Service in DC refused to press charges or even silence them, the cowboys in Texas immediately quieted and solved the threat. Unwilling to do their job, DC officials simply cowered in fear, much like the entire Biden administration has done.

With President Biden doing everything he can to undermine the people living along the border, as well as every other American, Texans have been defiant in their stance. Bucking the liberal bandwagon that has come with his Presidency has prevented scenes like the protests in NYC or the looting that comes from LA. Instead, Texans are respectful and aren’t trying to destroy their communities from the inside out.

Standing down this clear outsider is just what people should expect in Texas. There’s a reason people choose not to mess with Texans: they are notoriously passionate about God and Country. It’s simply because Texans will exterminate those who oppress them the same way the Israelis are exterminating Hamas. As Americans, this is why you consistently see conservatives voicing their opinion in a pro-Israel stance. They also will never forget what Islamic terrorists did to our nation.