Video: Canadian Conservative Leader Makes a Leftist Reporter Melt Down

Kevin D Jeffrey /
Kevin D Jeffrey /

A guy named Pierre Poilievre is the current leader of the Canadian Conservative Party. If you haven’t heard of him, you should probably familiarize yourself with Poilievre. His party is expected to crush Justin Trudeau in the upcoming elections in Canada, and Poilievre would then replace Trudeau as Prime Minister. A reporter tried to conduct an ambush interview against Poilievre a few days ago at an orchard in British Columbia. Poilievre will remind you a bit of Kari Lake from Arizona when you see the exchange.

Trudeau has been in serious trouble in the polls for the past year, because he’s been such an awful leader for Canada. Everyone is so mad at him that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) actually leaked classified intelligence to the media to damage him. It turns out that Trudeau accepted a massive amount of help from Communist China to help his party win the last election in 2021.

Trudeau’s terrible polling has the media extremely panicked about Poilievre and the Conservative Party. They’ve pretty much branded Poilievre as the Second Coming of Donald Trump, and they’re already having nightmares about him winning.

Poilievre, for his part, is extremely gifted at handling the media and hostile reporters. Times Chronicle Editor Don Urquhart tried to ambush Poilievre during an interview that has now gone viral on Twitter/X. Leftist media hacks don’t have any original thoughts in their heads these days. They simply repeat the talking points that their leftist political parties provide them.

Mr. Poilievre pretty much causes the reporter to melt down by asking simple clarifying questions to every biased question. Plus, he just casually munches an apple the whole time without a care in the world, which is hilarious.

Watch as Poilievre makes short work of a leftist reporter’s attempts to conduct a “gotcha” interview.