Dianne Feinstein’s Daughter Says Mom is a Victim of Elder Abuse


When you are old enough to be alleged as a victim of elder abuse, it’s time to retire, don’t you think? That’s the question being asked as California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s daughter Katherine is filing suit on behalf of her mother for elder abuse.

According to Katherine, the co-trustees of a trust that Feinstein benefits from are not funding the trust as instructed.

The trust was set up by Richard Blum, Feinstein’s late husband, who died last February. He was worth an estimated $1 billion at the time of his death. Naturally, the wealthy investor had established the trust, with Feinstein as the sole beneficiary.

However, according to her daughter (who has partial power of attorney over her mother’s affairs), the men responsible for the trust’s management have not made the “required distributions” to Feinstein.

Accused are Michael Klein, Marc Scholvinck, and Verett Mims.

Katherine believes the three are in cahoots to withhold those payments to Feinstein so that Blum’s living children will eventually get it all following the senator’s death.

Naturally, the men say that’s not what is going on.

Their lawyer, Steven Braccini, says, “The trustees have acted ethically and appropriately at all times; the same cannot be said for Katherine Feinstein.”

According to the accused, it is Katherine who is seeking self-gain, hoping to get the monies that would be included in the trust after her mother passes on.

In any case, the whole ordeal brings up a topic that has become increasingly popular as of late: that Feinstein is too old to do her job and represent her constituents.

At 90 years old, she is by far the oldest sitting member of Congress, as well as the longest-serving US senator. And she’s already been out on medical leave for a good portion of this year.

At this point in time, a growing number of her own party members are calling her to retire, claiming that it’s “obvious she can no longer fulfill her duties.”

Perhaps she should listen…