Biden’s Move Against Space Force is “Shameful”

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Everything Trump has done, Biden has reversed it. Why? Simply because he didn’t want Trump to say that he accomplished anything. It’s petty. More than that, it’s “shameful.” That’s the word that Representative Terri Sewell (D-Alabama) is using to describe Biden’s latest actions.

The Biden administration has decided to cancel the US Space Command headquarters transfer from Colorado to Alabama.

This was a Trump-era plan. It made sense, too, because Huntsville, AL, scored higher than Colorado Springs, CO. Apparently, government assessments mean nothing to the Biden administration. They don’t care about the data. They will do whatever they want, even if it means angering quite a few lawmakers.

It’s a bipartisan disgust with Biden on canceling this transfer.

Sewell explained, “This Administration’s decision to keep Space Command in Colorado bows to the whims of politics over merit. Huntsville’s merits won this selection process fair and square. In three separate reports, Huntsville reigned victorious, whereas Colorado did not come in second or even third. This reversal is as shameful as it is disappointing.”

Sewell made the mistake of expecting more out of the Biden administration. It will hurt Alabama, but that’s not what the administration cared about.

It is really about something pettier than that. Alabama is home to Senator Tommy Tuberville. If the name sounds familiar, he has blocked military promotions as a way of protesting the Pentagon’s latest (and very liberal) abortion policy.

Tuberville has said that the administration has done a significant amount of damage to military readiness. His comments on Space Force add emphasis to that: “Today’s disastrous mistake just adds to the long string of bad decisions that this compromised President has made. He is batting 1000 in that category since taking office.”

Shockingly, the White House didn’t have a comment for why they chose to cancel the transfer. Good luck trying to get it out of KJP during a press conference, either.