Gang of Biden Refugees Kills & Eats Beloved NY Swan


Sorry, Americans—you don’t get to have nice things anymore. Now that Joe Biden has declared America to be a hopelessly and irredeemably racist country, he has invited the entire rest of the world to come here and teach us a lesson. This lesson will be taught not only at the ballot box but also in our neighborhoods and communities. In New York this week, a pack of refugees from Myanmar that Joe Biden deliberately invited here for some reason, killed and ate the town of Manlius’ beloved swan.

Manlius is a quaint small town in Onandaga County, New York. It has a population of around 33,000 people. It’s a fairly rural part of New York State, with a lot of hobby farms in the area.

In other words, it’s exactly the sort of place that federal immigration officials look at and think, “You know what they really need around this joint? A bunch of foreigners who speak no English and have completely different cultural practices and customs than the local hicks! They’ll fit right in! Diversity is our strength!”

Then, for no particular reason at all, serious crimes like rape start to skyrocket, social cohesion plummets and a pack of barbarians is eating Faye the swan for dinner.

Manlius has a nice little pond in the middle of town called Gerardi’s Swan Pond. One long-term resident of the pond, Faye, recently had babies. She was nesting with her little cygnets, so she didn’t put up much resistance when 18-year-old Eman Hussan from Myanmar, along with a 16- and 17-year-old, snatched her with her babies. Myanmar, the last time we checked, is a country on the other side of the world.

According to the Free Beacon, Faye was a beloved animal that had been around for many years. She was a pretty and gentle creature, and families with kids loved to come and watch her each year as she floated around in the town pond with her mate, raised her babies, and lived her life peacefully. The Beacon says that when Faye went missing, it “prompted horror” from the local residents.

This is a statement that is so true that you could tattoo it on your forearm or tape it on your fridge: “Refugees prompt horror.” (It’s also available as a garage band name if anyone wants it.)

Tips started to pour in from locals that they had seen a pack of refugees hanging out around the pond. The investigation led the cops to Eman Hussan’s home in Syracuse, where, according to the Beacon, “The suspects devoured Faye with their family.”

A petition is now floating around Manlius titled “Justice for Faye.” Part of it reads:

“Please sign this petition to have authorities bring about the highest charges possible for killing this precious mama leaving her babies with no mother and her mate alone to grieve by himself.”

We have some bad news for the people of Manlius. That’s not how this works. When refugees are allowed into the country, they don’t even get charged for federal crimes the same way that an American would. They can do anything here because it’s their country now—not yours. (Just wait until the people of Manlius learn where all their missing cats and dogs have gone!)

Remember the two Hondurans who shot that bald eagle and planned to eat it back in March? That was a federal crime. Yet the two were released from custody, and now the US Fish and Wildlife Service won’t return phone calls to any media outlets asking what happened to them.

It’s “foreigners first” in a country that used to belong to the American people. The people of Manlius are not going to get justice for a pack of refugees from Myanmar eating their beloved swan. These cases never even go to trial.