Biden is Sued After Vaccine Kills 24-Year-Old

somkanae sawatdinak /
somkanae sawatdinak /

By now, it’s no secret that the infamous COVID-19 vaccines were neither safe nor effective. And as Biden’s Department of Defense is learning, that could pose a serious problem to their already crumbling budget.

Like far too many Americans, 24-year-old Corning Community College student George Watts Jr was pushed into getting vaccinated. As a February 2022 report by WETM-TV noted, George Jr. received his first Pfizer shot in August of 2021 and then, a month later, his second.

According to WETM, the Pfizer option had just been “fully approved by the Food & Drug Administration,” making it George Jr.’s shot of choice.

However, not long after his first shot, flu-like symptoms began presenting themselves. And they didn’t go away after receiving the second shot. His father, George Watts Sr., explained that he had taken his son to the emergency room not long after when he started to “get puffy in the face like a sinus issue.”

He was diagnosed with a sinus infection, given some meds, and sent on his way. But after several more visits, George Jr. wasn’t getting any better. In fact, he began coughing up blood, had pain in his extremities and teeth, and became sensitive to sunlight.

Then, on October 27, 2021, just one month after receiving his second dose, George Jr. collapsed in his room and died.

His death was ruled as “COVID-19 vaccine-related myocarditis.”

In light of his death, his parents have decided to file a lawsuit against Biden’s DoD, as they were promoting the vaccines as “safe and effective” at the time.

According to the suit, the Pentagon “caused accelerated production and then pushed out hundreds of millions of vaccines for hundreds of millions of Americans while engaging in a deliberate and calculated mass-deception campaign specifically designed to obfuscate the fact that” that vaccines were “merely experimental” and therefore could not be pronounced safe.

It’s called “willful misconduct.” And for such, the Watts family is suing.