Left-Wing Radical Gets Slap on the Wrist After Mowing Down Conservative Teenager

tommaso79 / shutterstock.com
tommaso79 / shutterstock.com

18-year-old Cayler Ellingson attended a street dance at a North Dakota festival last year when a left-wing radical lunatic, 42-year-old Shannon Brandt, confronted the teen over his MAGA garb and started an argument with him. Cayler was a Republican and a Trump supporter and exchanged words with this weirdo who thought it was appropriate to have an argument with a teenager at a school dance.

After the dance, Brandt killed the teen by running him over with his SUV—a fact that Brandt does not dispute. But a left-wing prosecutor just gave Brandt a sweetheart deal for cutting the boy’s life short.

A prosecutor named Kara Brinster with the Foster County State’s Attorney’s Office allowed Brandt to plea a clear murder case down to manslaughter. Brandt had argued with Cayler Ellingson earlier in the evening. Brandt told the cops that he believed the young boy was one of those radical white supremacist insurrectionists that Joe Biden was always blathering about.

Brandt said he feared for his life, so he later ran the boy down as he was walking home. You couldn’t find a more clear-cut case of first-degree pre-meditated murder to highlight in a law class than this one. Brandt argued that it was self-defense after he ran down a teenage boy and killed him.

Because of the deal that prosecutor Kara Brinster cut with him, Shannon Brandt will only serve 10 years in prison for manslaughter rather than life in prison for murder.

This case illustrates two things for us that conservatives need to realize. First, the infestation of our justice system with George Soros-style prosecutors has reached even the reddest of states, like North Dakota. Second, Joe Biden’s blood libel against conservatives and his hateful rhetoric is working. It’s open season on Trump supporters because the broken “justice” system won’t even prosecute Democrats for murdering our children.