Report Proves Government Secret Hidden for 65 Years

There have been rumors pretty much since the existence of government that our leaders are keeping things from us – things we have the right to know about. But now, thanks to a new report, it looks as though the US federal government has indeed been hiding things.

And one that could change everything.

No, I’m not talking about some conspiracy that, if you knew about it, would just change everything you thought you knew about America or our leaders, although that’s true, too.

Instead, I’m talking about a secret that, if exposed, could literally restructure our entire economy and way of life, starting with the energy industry.

As a new report shows, a top-secret program was built nearly a lifetime ago – 65 years ago, to be exact. What it did was basically create an entire energy grid that’s more sustainable, more reliable, and more efficient than anything we have going right now.

And yet, for some reason, it was never made public, never made accessible to the masses.

However, according to a recent IEA approval, that could all change very soon.

In fact, if all goes as planned, the secret energy grid could soon be extended to not just government agencies but cities and towns all across the United States, rendering our energy crisis pretty much moot. I mean, can you imagine no longer needing to beg Arab nations and unreliable giants like Russia for energy resources? Hell, we wouldn’t even have to worry about the controversy of drilling oil in Alaska.

Besides, with this new tech in our hands, America’s economy could thrive like never before. Experts estimate that some $1 trillion in new wealth could be unleashed in the aftermath.

And, of course, all of that is on top of our nation finally having everything we need to be fully – and I mean 100 percent energy independent.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Instead, check out the report for yourself and let yourself imagine what America could look like when this secret is fully exposed and operational.