Women’s College Swim Champ Dares Congress to Define the Word ‘Woman’

Stefan Malloch / shutterstock.com
Stefan Malloch / shutterstock.com

Congress has decided to tackle one of the biggest mysteries of the modern age, by defining what a “woman” is. As we were all assured by Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson Brown (or is it Brown Jackson), it’s impossible to define what a woman is, unless you are a biologist. Congress feels it’s important enough for our society to try to tackle this question, however, so they can codify it into law.

Women’s college swimming champion Riley Gaines is in DC this week to lobby in favor of Congress solving this big mystery.

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) introduced a bill this week that would define a number of biological terms that have become baffling for modern Democrats. Among the words that the bill would define are “sex,” “woman,” “man,” “girl,” “boy,” “mother,” and “father.” Roughly two dozen other Republicans have signed onto the bill as co-sponsors.

Gaines spoke at a press conference highlighting the bill this week. “This is crucial to ensure that women, we’re entitled to our privacy and our safety and our fairness and our equal opportunity. I’m speaking for so much more than just myself,” said Gaines.

Ms. Gaines became famous last year when she tied with a hulking man named Bill Thomas, who likes to call himself “Lia” and who insists he is a woman, in the Women’s NCAA Swimming championships. The trophy that Gaines should have won was awarded to the burly man at the ceremony, while her lower-place trophy was later mailed to her. That was what moved Gaines to become the spokesperson for Independent Women’s Voice, which supports the bill.

“What mattered to the left was protecting the feelings of the male at the expense of our own,” she notes.

The legislation is called the Women’s Bill of Rights. In addition to tackling the age-old question of what a “woman” is, the bill highlights the entirely different body compositions between men and women, including the fact that men’s and women’s brain functions are completely different. The immutable characteristics of sex that a person is born with cannot be changed, no matter how much lipstick a man puts on or how many surgeries a person has. This shouldn’t be so confusing that we need a law for it, but here we are.

The bill would also codify why there are good and protective reasons to have separate spaces for women, such as bathrooms, prisons, domestic violence shelters, and sports.

Gaines feels that it is terrible the way that women’s voices are being silenced by the trans movement, noting, “It’s 2023. We have the right to vote as women. We can own property, but we have to plead and beg for privacy in our locker rooms, so we’re not violated, and when you do plead and beg, you’re called a bigot.”

Since this whole issue is so insane, tragic, and comical all at once, it’s worth taking two steps back and appreciating where we are as a country. Congress now has to pass a bill to explain what a woman is. That’s where we are, and that’s what has resulted from allowing the Democrats to be in control of the public teacher unions for 50 years. In honor of this new legislation, we’d like to encourage everyone to check out Matt Walsh’s important documentary film, “What is a Woman?”