McCarthy Got the Job Done and Shamed Biden

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Kevin McCarthy is one of those politicians where you either love him or hate him. He’s a Republican who has finally reached the title of House Speaker. And while some conservatives hate him for being able to cross the aisle and discuss hot topics with Democrats, he’s proving that he’s capable of getting the job done – especially when it comes to putting President Biden in his place.

The United States is dealing with a LOT right now. Significant amounts of illegal immigration at our southern border, for one. And the debt ceiling has to be increased or we’re going to lose funding in some of the most important government departments.
Biden already took a vacation to Delaware last week.

And now, he has big plans to jet set across the globe. This includes not only the G7 summit trip to Japan but also visiting Australia and Papua New Guinea.

For a man who says he is all about America first, his actions prove that he’s absolutely against this.

That’s when McCarthy decided it was time to apply a little pressure. “I think an American president should focus on the solutions of America. And I think it shows your values and your priorities.”

With what Biden has planned now, he’d put America to shame. So, he had no choice but to let McCarthy’s words influence him.

Sources have already confirmed that Biden will be returning to the US immediately following the G7 summit in Japan. That will give him a few days to actually help with a deal so the debt limit can be raised.

After spending a few days dealing with the actual needs of the country, it’s likely that he’ll need at least another vacation to Delaware. His favorite ice cream shop will likely have an ice cream cone waiting for him.

McCarthy has been talking about what it will take to actually grow the economy:

It might be time Biden stop focusing on the needs of every other country and actually pay attention to Americans. If not, he’ll only be raked (further) over the coals by McCarthy.