Huge Majorities Oppose Trans Athletes Stealing All the Women’s Trophies

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The Washington Post-KFF has conducted a poll on American attitudes toward the endless rainbow waves of transgender craziness that we are being bombarded with every day. The fact that the Post even published the results of the polling at all speaks to how exhausted and repulsed most Americans are by this insane fad. A huge majority of Americans, for example, are opposed to allowing transgenders to participate in girls’ sports so they can beat them up and steal all the trophies.

One of the questions on the survey was whether a person is the sex they are assigned at birth, or if they can change their sex later in life. 57% of all American adults believe that you are the sex that you were assigned at birth. That doesn’t seem complicated.

The amazing thing about that first question is that 43% of Americans apparently believe in witchcraft. A person’s sex is inherent and cannot be changed, through surgery, wishing, magic spells, drugs, surgery, or any other means. It’s really astonishing that anyone could believe this, but apparently, 43% of adults in this country do believe it. You cannot put lipstick on a pig and turn it into anything other than a pig. Likewise, you cannot put lipstick on a man and turn him into a woman.

When asked whether transgenders should be allowed to steal trophies from women’s and girls’ sports, even bigger majorities were opposed. 62% don’t believe that transgenders should be allowed to participate in girls’ youth sports. 66% are opposed to them participating in high school sports. 65% are opposed to them competing at the college or professional level.

This should put the final nail in the trans-mania coffin (but it won’t). You can’t find 65% of Americans who agree on anything. It’s hard to find an issue that even a 51% majority supports any longer, in our increasingly polarized populace. One of the only exceptions is opposition to mass immigration. Anytime polls are done on that, upwards of 70% of American adults believe we have too many legal and illegal immigrants coming in. That’s why nobody asks that poll question any longer.

But with 65% of adults opposing transgenders competing in sports with the real females, this should be a slam-dunk wedge issue for Republican candidates up and down the ballot in 2024. “No matter what they choose to call themselves, we are going to ban these people from stealing the opportunities and dreams of our daughters in schools. Period.”

Campaigning on that would add 10 points to virtually any Republican’s vote count in the next election. Parents are just as serious about this as beer drinkers are about never touching a can of Bud Light again. Unfortunately, lots of elected Republicans start to waffle and squirm when asked about the issue.

In another question, 68% of respondents said they oppose puberty-blocking medication for kids between the ages of 10 and 14. 58% oppose hormonal treatments in kids between the ages of 15 and 17.

These are not small majorities. Banning puberty blockers and hormone treatments in kids would also be wildly popular with the voters. This is why there are almost zero Members of Congress willing to suggest it out loud, other than Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

77% are opposed to children between kindergarten and third grade being taught about “trans identity” by their weirdo teachers. 70% are opposed to kids in the fourth and fifth grades being taught this garbage, and 52% are opposed to middle schoolers learning about it.

Are you listening, Republicans? Stop being such cowards on this issue and start standing up for women and girls. The voters will reward you for it.