Happy MOTHER’s Day (Birthing People are for the Liberals)

Evgeny Atamanenko / shutterstock.com
Evgeny Atamanenko / shutterstock.com

Mothers hold a special place in the hearts of their children. In many ways, we are closer to our mothers than anyone else on this earth. We, who come from the innocent wombs of our mothers, are bound to her for life with tough love and a watchful eye. Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May in many countries globally. It is a day to honor and appreciate mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds. The origin of the celebrations can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman festivals that honored mother goddesses. The holiday is celebrated to date with people across the world linking up with their mothers to appreciate them for their love and sacrifice.

The holiday, which dates hundreds of years back may soon end. The world is changing fast, and gender identity discussions have become increasingly popular. There have been numerous discussions of replacing the word “mother” with “birthing person.” With the internet and everybody wanting to be woke today, this has been discussed, and many people have supported it. With the increasing discussions on gender identity and the rights of the LGBTQ community, the natural progression of replacing gendered terms seems to be a logical solution to the injustice. The discussion around changing the name of Mother’s Day to Birthing Person’s Day highlights the ongoing conversation around gender inclusivity and recognition of diverse experiences.

Supporters of the change also argue that the term “Birthing Person’s Day” would help to normalize and recognize the experiences of non-binary and transgender individuals who have faced discrimination and exclusion in traditional family structures. They suggest that “Birthing Person’s Day” would signal an important step towards greater recognition and inclusivity of all individuals who have contributed to creating and nurturing families.

The terminology “birthing person” has been used in various legal documents and mentioned by politicians while giving speeches. Some politicians are actively in support of the change. The issue has raised a heated discussion, with some in support and others in opposition.

Many people have also expressed their disagreements regarding the change. They point out that “Mother’s Day” honors women and mothers and that the word mother is a central holiday component. The argument put forth by opponents of the name change is that “Mother’s Day” has a long history and cultural value and that altering the name may take away from the holiday’s emotional and historical significance. Some feel that the title “Birthing Person’s Day” is unnecessarily clinical and detracts from the holiday’s emotional and intimate aspect.

People have been celebrating their mothers since time immemorial. Changing the terminology to birthing people could result in the holiday losing value as a way to celebrate and affirm the mother figure and women’s contribution to the world. You should celebrate your mother this year and try to understand your origins. Get your mother a gift and spend time with her. Call and reassure them of your love if you can’t make it home. Mothers glow when their children’s love surrounds them. Americans should avoid being sensitive and change fanatics. The holiday should retain its name to ensure it goes on for generations.