ABC Reporter Asks Voter What She Likes About Biden – It’s Weirder Than You Think

Alexandros Michailidis /
Alexandros Michailidis /

With Democratic and aging President Joe Biden having recently announced another run at the White House come 2024, just about everyone is weighing in on his decision. And what those from his own party are saying isn’t exactly inspirational. In fact, it’s downright pathetic and not at all what any candidate should hope for.

Just like every other network on the grid, ABC News has been on the road talking to people about how they feel about another Biden run. And what they are hearing is not at all what one would expect to be heard about our commander-in-chief and a man who supposedly millions of people voted for.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, a known battleground state and yet also the place of Biden’s youth, Democratic voters don’t seem particularly all that thrilled that their hometown boy is running again.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz spoke to Democrats in the state on Sunday during an airing of “This Week,” seeking their thoughts on a Biden reelection.

As you might expect, most of them concluded that they would never, ever vote for Biden’s most prominent opponent and former President Donald Trump. For starters, he’s a Republican and, secondly, far too controversial despite what he may have done for the nation during his years in the Oval Office.

But their thoughts on Biden weren’t much better.

Soneyet Muhammad, for example, noted that her initial reaction to another Biden run was “Regret, disappointment, frustration.”

Like most Democrats, she voted for Biden in 2020 because 1) he was a Democrat, and 2) he seemed to be saying all the right things regarding policy moves. (Clearly, his penchant for verbal blunders and word salads was ignored.)

But now she said, “I feel so uninspired and disconnected from the work he’s been advancing that it’s not something I’m really excited about.”

I mean, when he was campaigning in 2020, Biden kept talking about making the country better, you know, “Build Back Better.” But a mere two years later, all he has to show for his time in office is rising inflation, soaring crime, increased taxes, and an even more divided nation.

The things he promised to take care of have been put on the back burner or forgotten entirely. Instead, extremely far-left and radical ideas have reached the forefront of the Biden administration’s agenda. Naturally, this has left those like Muhammad feeling as if Biden isn’t all that connected to her or her wishes anymore.

Of course, his ever-present mental decline, as well as the fact that he’s already 80 and the oldest sitting president ever, probably doesn’t help.

But that’s not the worst thing Raddatz heard that day about Biden.

When talking to Temple University student Elaina Symes, Raddatz asked whether or not she was “excited” about another Biden run. To that, her answer was simple “Not particularly.”
Of course, Symes argued that Biden is not “progressive” enough for her. So basically, the opposite of what Muhammad had said. When asked if there was anything about Biden that the 21-year-old student did like about Biden, she remarked, “That he’s not Trump.”

Again, not a very good look for Biden.

To be clear, Symes is not the only one with that thought process. And while that isn’t exactly good news for Trump, it’s not great for Biden either.

Basically, they admit there is nothing about our current leader they really approve of or even like. However, their Trump derangement syndrome-infused mind has told them even a man as pathetic as Biden still has to be better than Trump.

When it comes time to actually vote, that hesitation might be just enough to produce a Republican win, whether it’s Trump who becomes the GOP nominee or not.

Muhammad, for instance, has already admitted that she’ll “probably” just stay home if it ends up being a rematch of 2020. And I doubt she’d be the only one.

If enough Democrats feel the same way, what happened in Georgia’s 2021 special election for Senator could happen nationally, with Republicans winning by default.

And then there are all the independents who aren’t obligated to party loyalty. Who do you think they’ll vote for? A man who has literally sent our economy down the drain or just about anyone else?