San Fran Realizes It’s Too Expensive Doing Business with Blue State Companies

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You probably didn’t know it, but the liberal stronghold of San Francisco has had a boycott on red states for a number of years now. But this week, they finally realized that their move has only backfired, and stupendously.

It’s called Administrative Code 12X, which was put in place in 2013 by the city’s Board of Supervisors. Basically, it bans the city from doing business with anyone who doesn’t agree with them on a number of platforms. When it began, it barred businesses from any state who opposed the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriages.

Later, that boycott expanded to include states who required voter ID at the polls and who supported the overturn of Roe v. Wade last year.

Basically, this prevented the city from doing business with most of the country. In fact, city officials and personnel could not travel to a whopping 30 states for business. Additionally, any company with headquarters in those states was barred from doing business with the city.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the boycott didn’t do too much to harm the states or companies banned.

Instead, it only hurt the city of San Francisco.

As The San Francisco Chronicle reported, the city conducted a recent study to determine the boycott’s effectiveness. And the results showed a failure of epic proportion.

According to the report, the law “has created an additional administrative burden for City staff and vendors and unintended consequences for San Francisco citizens, such as limiting enrichment and development opportunities.”

Additionally, it was noted that none of the states supposedly affected by 12X had even begun to move an inch in regard to their positions on the issues the city didn’t agree with.

And so the Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to end the boycott officially.

Board supervisor Rafael Mandelman said, “It’s not achieving the goal we want to achieve.” In fact, he remarked, “It is making our government less efficient.”

Hmmm, who would have thought…

Well, at least the city seems to be realizing it’s some of its mistakes and working to reverse those. Now, if they would just start focusing on things like rising crime, homelessness, and their fentanyl problem.