CVS Requires WHAT of Employees as it Goes Woke?

Kyle Lee /
Kyle Lee /

They say if you go “woke,” you’ll soon go broke, as most liberal agenda items aren’t all that good for actual business and tend to be rather divisive. Apparently, CVS hasn’t heard that message because new reports show them to be going fully woke in regards to their employee handbook.

As with most companies, a new CVS employee handbook or set of guidelines is needed every few years, if not annually, as industry rules, national laws, store policies, etc., change. In this case, it seems the retail and pharmacy giant has opted to update their employee policies to include taking a side on the ever-controversial and divisive gender identity issues in the United States.

And by taking a side, CVS has fully chosen to ignore the science they once so boldly supported.

According to the new set of “guidelines” obtained by Fox Business, CVS now fully supports the idea that gender is somehow fluid and can be changed on a whim. And as such, the retail chain demands that all employees also buy into that and honor it.

This includes being forced to address colleagues by their preferred pronouns, allowing them (as well as all customers) to use whatever bathroom they want, and support any and all changes or transitions they may wish to make for themselves.

According to the new policy changes, should an employee wish to undergo gender transition treatments, surgeries, etc., the company must not only support it but also offer time off as needed. Employees are told that should this be the case, they need to let everyone know so that CVS can “provide support and to make your transition as smooth as possible.”

The guidelines ask that you keep “your Leader and your Advice & Counsel representative” in the loop throughout the entire process and to make sure that any issues you are having, medical or employment related, be immediately reported. Naturally, this should include any problems you may have with “your work environment, and/or your Leader, co-workers, clients, and customers.”

Included in the guidelines is also a bit about how one should go about “Supporting a Colleague who is Transitioning.”

Of course, this includes making sure that you never refer to them with pronouns or terms that may be offensive. You know, words like “male,” “female,” “non-binary,” or even “trans.”

Additionally, workers aren’t to throw a fit or feel uncomfortable should a colleague of the opposite biological sex suddenly want to use the same restroom facilities as you. The idea is to make trans individuals feel comfortable, not you. Hell, the company will even post signs on restrooms to remind you.

The problem, of course, is that these guidelines literally tell people to shove their convictions, their moral standards, and religious beliefs into the trash in favor of a progressive and supposedly all-inclusive agenda.

And should you not comply, well, I’m sure that CVS will have no problem cutting hours, pay, or even firing you for such.

It also raises more than a few questions about the “science” they are supposedly following. As I hinted above, these were the same people that demanded that we “follow the science” regarding COVID and its subsequent vaccines. It told us that COVID was a very real danger to the entire population, that you must be vaccinated, and that you must be vaccinated often.

They claimed it as fact, and there were supposedly mountains of data to support it.

But now, the same “facts” of science, you know, the ones that say there are only two sexes, two genders, are somehow supposed to be ignored. The science that says these treatments and surgeries can be dangerous, not only to your physical health but also to your mental state, is being thrown to the wind.

And yet, CVS still wants you to trust them on the science behind booster shots, medication doses, etc. Yeah, I think not.