Joe Biden Has Held the Fewest Press Conferences in the History of Press Conferences

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

Hey, where’s Joe Biden? Has anyone seen him lately? No one in the White House Press Briefing room has seen him since January. A reporter asked about Biden’s notable unavailability this week, and the White House Press Secretary exploded in rage at the idea that Biden isn’t interacting enough with the press, and therefore the public. He’s fine! But is he?

There are two things we’ve been really good at keeping track of in America in the past century: baseball stats and the number of times that presidents interact with the media. Not that we’re calling Joe Biden a “president.” You have to be elected for that. He’s more of a vegetable on stilts at this point.

Despite that, it’s still kind of expected for the person who is ostensibly in charge to come out and talk to the people occasionally. There’s an awful lot of chaos and trouble in the world right now, and most of it is the fault of the behind-the-scenes buffoons who are actually running the Biden White House right now. He should be getting out in front of the public and answering questions and reassuring the country during dark moments.

If you think Joe Biden has been less visible than other US leaders, it’s not your imagination.

Presidential press conferences date back to the administration of Calvin Coolidge, whose first year in office was 1923. Coolidge participated in a total of 407 press conferences, primarily with newspaper guys. Herbert Hoover did 268, Franklin D. Roosevelt did 881 (over four terms in office), and Harry Truman did 324.

Our idea of the modern press conference, where a gaggle of television reporters with cameras ask off-the-cuff questions of a president about a wide range of issues, originated with Dwight Eisenhower. He held 193 press conferences, averaging two per month over his eight years in office.

Prior to Joe Biden, the president with the fewest amount of press conferences during his time in office was Richard Nixon. Held 39 press conferences over roughly six years. Nixon was on pace to deliver about 80 press conferences, if he hadn’t been tricked into leaving office by a Deep State/CIA operation.

Jimmy Carter held 59 press conferences, Ronald Reagan held just 46, and George HW Bush held 138. The three globalist uni-party narcissists then held a lot of press conferences over their 24 years of wrecking the country: Bill Clinton held 193, George W. Bush held 210, and Hussein Obama held 163.

Donald Trump held 88 formal press conferences where he took random questions from reporters. Here’s an interesting factoid about Trump, though. He held more impromptu, unofficial interactions with the media than any other president in history. Whenever he’d be on his way to Air Force One and a gaggle of reporters was standing around, Trump would always walk up to them and take a few questions. He did that about 175 times per year, making him the most open and accessible president in all of American history.

In the 26 months that he’s been in office so far, Joe Biden has delivered only 21 press conferences. When he does do a press conference, he’s clearly been heavily drugged in order to help him focus and stay lucid for a period of around 20 minutes. We all know why they’re hiding him away from the public, of course. He’s completely shot and incapable of handling questions flying at him from different directions on different subjects.

It’s kind of scary to think about when you consider all the troubles we’re having in the world right now. We’re on the brink of World War III with China and Russia, for example. And there’s no one in charge of the country.