Fauci Flip-Flops on COVID Lockdowns After He Destroyed Families and the Economy

cktravels.com / shutterstock.com
cktravels.com / shutterstock.com

Dr. Anthony Fauci said in his latest television performance on Monday that he thinks his economy-killing COVID lockdowns may have lasted too long. No! You don’t say?! This is a stunning flip-flop from the man who said for years that we didn’t lock down hard enough to fight COVID-19, which turned out to be like a slightly more serious version of the flu. Fauci is trying to downplay his role in what may have been one of the greatest-ever crimes against humanity.

Fauci made no secret of his admiration for how the Communist Chinese Party treated its civilian population during its lockdowns. The videos of CCP police welding people’s apartment doors shut and leaving them to starve to death were like an erotic dream come true for the highest-paid bureaucrat in American history.

Back in 2022, Fauci was deposed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry for the Missouri v. Biden case. They questioned Fauci for seven hours, and during that time he praised the COVID “prevention” measures that were brutally implemented in China.

Fauci sent his cohort from the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Clifford Lane, to Beijing to get a first-hand look at how the CCP was cracking down on people trying to go outdoors to buy groceries. Lane was reportedly dazzled by the way the jackbooted Chinese thugs were beating and arresting civilians for not complying with stay-at-home orders, and locking people in their apartments.

When Lane came back to the US, he told Fauci how great the CCP lockdowns were, and recommended similar measures for us. In his deposition about the matter, Fauci told the AGs, “Dr. Lane was very impressed about how from a clinical public health standpoint, the Chinese were handling the isolation, the contact tracing, the building of facilities to take care of people, and that’s what I believed he meant when he said were managing this in a very structured organized way.”

Fauci then proceeded to push lockdowns for what felt like forever for American small business owners and children in schools. The masks, social distancing, lockdowns, distance learning in schools, a generational loss of educational attainment for American kids, businesses that failed because they weren’t allowed to reopen to full capacity, and all the rest of the human misery that resulted from Fauci’s recommendations have done unimaginable damage to our country.

“Were things done too long or not?” Fauci asked during a televised performance at Georgetown University this week. “But the initial decision to lock things down, unequivocally, saved a lot of lives.”

That is an impossible metric to measure. There is no possible way to know whether the lockdowns saved a single life. Whose life was saved by the lockdowns? What were their names? What evidence is there that they would have died, if Dr. Lockdown had not demanded that everything be locked down? The answer is that there is no evidence.

We do, however, have evidence of the incredible social harm and suicides that resulted from Fauci’s lockdowns. The suicide for teenage girls, who faced no risk from COVID whatsoever, went up by more than 50% because of the social isolation they suffered during the lockdowns. American families lost their teenage daughters to suicide because of Fauci’s lockdowns. Unlike the “lives saved” because of lockdowns, which can’t be measured, we actually can measure the deaths that Fauci’s policies caused.

Fauci is now trying to get himself off the hook by saying, “Well, gee, maybe the lockdowns went on too long.” He doesn’t want to own the responsibility for what he did or face any consequences for it. We shouldn’t allow him to rewrite history like this.