Biden’s Approval Rating Comes Crashing Down Again

If you didn’t know by now, Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t all that popular. In fact, according to a recent poll, his approval rating has dropped to a near-all-time low.

In recent polling from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Biden’s lowest rating ever was a measly 36 percent last July. After a short resurgence, that number is back down to only two points above that.

As with most presidencies, Biden’s fluctuates a bit when it comes to approval ratings, depending on what is going on in the country at the moment. However, unlike most, his has also been fraught with lower-than-average approval rating numbers.

Naturally, the high point of his approval was just after he’d been elected when nothing and no one had yet marred his supposed job well done. According to the same poll, this landed him with around 61 percent of Americans’ approval in January 2021. In May of that year, it was up to 63 percent.

However, by August, that was down to below 50 percent when 13 US military members were killed during Biden’s disastrous decision to abandon Afghanistan and withdraw our troops from the region.

That number continued to drop as record-high inflation took over the nation. Add to that the ongoing border/immigration crisis, rising crime rates, and energy fallout, and not many Americans retained much hope in the man who was supposed to be restoring the nation and our White House to dignity.

Hence, the measly 36 percent he achieved last July.

But then, as inflation seemed to peak and the economy looked as though it might rebound, Biden’s approval ratings began to climb again, albeit slowly and not by much. By last fall, the AP poll showed he’d reached 45 percent.

Of course, with inflation not actually falling flat and the nation only being drawn into more debt, that number never got any higher. By February, the same poll resulted in the exact same number.

But now, with the economy just as bad off and so many other issues at hand, people are once again losing faith in Biden’s promises to restore and rebuild.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen some pretty major bank failures, more government spending, and interest rates for home ownership, and more than most Americans can afford.

Biden’s ever-decreasing supporters may try to tell us that those high-interest rates and government spending will eventually lower inflation, as well as create new jobs. But seeing how that may take years to see to fruition, the American people aren’t exactly optimistic about those goals.

For now, people are still paying more for groceries, more for gas, more for cars, homes, and energy than they ever have. And on top of all of that, we are feeling less and less safe in our own homes and communities as crime continues to rise. Of course, Biden’s soft-on-crime policies don’t help matters.

Naturally, all of that weighs heavy on his national approval rating, which now sits at 38 percent. Additionally, the AP noted that among Democrat voters, a whole quarter doesn’t approve of the job he’s doing. And for a man of the people, that’s saying something.

Naturally, his approval among Republicans is far less, with only four percent of the GOP saying he’s doing a good job.

In any case, when a sitting president only has the support of about a third of the country, it doesn’t exactly speak well of him – or his chances for reelection, should he decide to officially throw his hat in the ring again.