People Aren’t Buying Fetterman’s Health Update

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As you are likely aware, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is recovering in a hospital after first becoming very dizzy last month and then exhibiting signs of clinical depression. This, of course, was also after he suffered a severe stroke last year during the Democratic primaries in his state, which he won handily.

So how is he doing in regard to his recovery? CNN’s Mani Raju has an update. Unfortunately, it’s not all that believable.

First, Raju noted that Fetterman was “making progress in his recovery from clinical depression” and so would likely leave Walter Reed National Military Medical Center sometime within the next two weeks or so. Additionally, he’d been told by his doctor that should things continue to go smoothly, he’d be “as good or better than his best days post-stroke.”

The leftist-backed reporter then explained that his extensive hospital stay is due to challenges in finding the dosage for a number of the senator’s medications, such as his blood pressure.
But as more than a few, some of them even being “die-hard” democrats, have pointed out, there are a few problems with this so-called report.

For starters, clinical depression isn’t exactly something you “recover” from. And it’s certainly not something that a month or even two in rehab will cure.

Secondly, even if he is returned to “as good as or better” than his post-stroke days, that still doesn’t exactly give the people of Pennsylvania much confidence in his job skills. If you remember, post-stroke was when he debated against GOP nominee Dr. Oz – and that didn’t exactly go well for Fetterman.

As many pointed out, this is about more than “recovery,” if that can even be a thing. Of course, it’s about his health and the fact that he needs to heal. By the way, who is supposedly thinking of that?

But it’s also about his constituents, you know, the supposed thousands who voted to have him making decisions for their state. At this point, who knows when he’ll be up to that task? Indeed, it’s time he started thinking about stepping down.