Liberals Won’t Like This Message About Pregnancy and Body Image

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When we look around the world today, it’s easy to get swept away by worldly things and body images – after all; there are whole industries designed for that sole purpose. However, at least one young woman is reminded that not everything is about how we look and feel but rather our true purpose.

Introducing reality television star Sadie Robertson, the daughter of Duck Dynasty star and Buck Commander Willie Robertson.

According to Fox News, Sadie recently sat down with “The Squeeze” Podcast to discuss her life at present, which includes the pregnancy of her second child.

What she described wasn’t like what you hear from most TV stars and celebrities. You know, with a major emphasis on how pregnancy pretty much ruins a woman’s body and the image we are supposed to maintain.

Like most women of her age and this time period, she is no stranger to the influences of society. Everywhere you look, we images of women are supposed to look like, act like, and even believe. We see thin, tall, model-like beauties with flawless skin, not so many curves, and all the attitude in the world.

But as Sadie explains, those images are 1) not always accurate or true, but 2) they deny women the peace of being who they truly are and what they are meant to be. And yes, a major part of that is motherhood.

Like most women, when Sadie became pregnant with her first child, she was naturally a bit worried about what the pregnancy, the extra weight, etc., would do to her body. Would she ever be able to fit into the size she was before? Would she ever get her girlish figure back?

But then she remembered that her body was not her own anymore. A whole new life was being created inside her, which meant she couldn’t keep focusing on herself as the world told her she needed to. Instead, she and her body had a whole new purpose – one far bigger than just herself or her life.

She said, “I remember it shaped a lot of body image things for me because your body takes on a whole new meaning.”

She added, “All of a sudden, every part of your body is used for the purpose of another life, so it just takes the focus off of you and puts it onto something much greater, and that shifts so much of who you are.”

So instead of looking in the mirror and noticing her expanding waistline or the lack of definition in her legs, Robertson says the pregnancy caused her to really think and be excited about the gift of God growing inside her.

Now, of course, she isn’t saying that you can’t or shouldn’t make an effort to stay healthy or even that you shouldn’t try to look good. After all, being happy and confident often begins with your self-image and how you feel about yourself.

However, that doesn’t mean that if we fail to look like what society expects of us, we are a failure or somehow less than what we were made to be.

God created each and every one of us with a particular purpose, plan, and body type. And that means we can’t constantly compare ourselves with others who were created to walk out a different life.

Unfortunately, that’s not the same message most of the world, or at least the liberal left would like us to believe. Rather than promoting life, the creation of it, and motherhood, our young women are bombarded from a tender age with messages that tell them they have to fit into a certain mold and one that is becoming less and less womanly.

We are told family and children aren’t all that important. Instead, your job is, particularly, if you can beat out men to do it. And the lengths we are encouraged to go to in order to achieve that goal or the ideal of beauty that’s been thrust upon us is absurd, not to mention dangerous at times.

Thankfully, there are women like Sadie who are brave enough to remind us of the truth, and that image isn’t everything.