Did Kamala Really Just Say That About Ukraine? – Watch!

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

And the Vice President has done it again! How would you like to be one of her aids, it’s got to be at least a cringe-a-day job.

Kamala Harris continues to have trouble with a spotlight on her. The 2020 campaign she ran did not even outlast Pete Buttigieg’s. She keeps having to run for cover from allegations of a toxic work environment in the campaign and her VP office. Apparently, Harris refuses to prepare and just won’t read office memos that are meant to help her not look bad. Many of her employees have left looking for a greener pasture.

The latest and maybe the greatest mess came in the midst of a conversation on Ukraine. The vice president was “trying” to give an analysis of the situation in the country, but it turned out to be something you might hear in a preschool class.

“So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically, that’s wrong.”

Well there you go, that should take care of any questions you might have about this global conflict.

Here is a thought that might keep you awake at night, with Biden’s age, this person could just be inches away from controlling America’s nuclear arsenal.

According to the NY Post, Kamala gave the same kind of intellectual treatment to her understanding of political conservatism: “In fact, I’m going to share with you a very simple story, which is that I went home one day and I said, ‘Well, why are conservatives bad, Mommy? I thought we were supposed to conserve things.’ I couldn’t reconcile it. Now I can,” Harris said right before letting loose her famous cackle.

The vice president took criticism from congressional staff members as well as journalists because of that conversation.

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