Liz Cheney Gets a New Gig…

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Former Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney might be out of Congress. Still, apparently, she’s not done spewing her message on how the Trumps of the nation are threatening democracy. Now, she gets to teach young impressionable minds all about it.

If you remember, Cheney was once one of the most prominent members of the Republican Party. In fact, even without her former Vice President of a father, she seemed to be somewhat of a rising star.

But then came former President Donald Trump. And as you already know, he sent RINOs like Cheney off a cliff of insanity. Cheney, along with several others, decided that Trump and vindication for some unrealized and unproven wrong of his were more worth her time and efforts than the needs of her constituents.

To her, Trump was and probably still is a danger to “the democracy,” as she always says. And as such, she asserted herself, as a high-ranking House and committee member, into seats that never ceased to attempt to prove Trump as some sort of criminal.

Wyoming voters threw her out for her betrayal, choosing now-Representative Harriet Hageman over her in the 2022 midterms.

So what will Cheney do now, without a pulpit to spew her rantings she’s clearly unwilling to give up on?

Well, it would appear that the University of Virginia has fallen into her trap and been convinced she would be an asset to them.

According to a statement from the UVA, she’s been hired as a Professor (of) Practice for their Center for Politics.

Of course, Cheney found it worth noting that this will indeed be another avenue for her to ensure that new and “lasting solutions” can be found to “not only preserve but strengthen our democracy.” Or at least that’s what her message to UVA was upon having her new position announced.

As usual, she spouted off about how there are “many threats facing” our government and that it will be her job, or at least her hope, that her experience and work in the political arena can prepare tomorrow’s leaders and the University to be a part of those solutions.

Well, if nothing else, at least we can say that Cheney is rather consistent in her messaging and branding. I mean, how many times did we hear roughly the same message shouted from her position in Congress and on the campaign trail?

Of course, it was noted by several on social media that this new gig also happens to be just a short trip to Washington, DC. Isn’t it odd how so many of Congress’s has-beens end up remaining in and around DC as if they believe they still have something worthwhile to offer?

But it was also noted that Cheney’s brand of messaging might not be the best suited for a classroom. After all, “Orange Man Bad 101,” as a suggestion on what she might teach, has always been better on the internet, where the crazies of the world are most often found.

Then again, it’s not as if the woke classrooms of the establishment and DC area universities will be lacking in these either. Cheney is bound to find more than a few minds who already believe in Trump’s crimes as much as she does, if not more.

And for those who don’t yet think that way, well, that’s what she’s there for, right? To convince them. Let’s just say none of my children will be attending the University of Virginia for a good while.