Now the Trail Derailment is Trump’s Fault? That’s What Swalwell Says…

Paul Hakimata Photography /
Paul Hakimata Photography /

Over the years, we’ve seen a bevy of supposed faults and fails laid at former President Donald Trump’s feet. Most are about as ridiculous as trying to blame him for the recent train derailment in Ohio.

And yes, that is exactly what one sour-faced Democrat is actually trying to do.

It happened on Monday when left-leaning Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell decided to make a rather embarrassing tweet supposedly tying Trump to the recent disaster.

According to the tweet, Trump walked back a regulation on railroad cars and their braking systems. Specifically, one that was meant to prevent the “explosion” of train cars while breaking was mentioned. Attached to the tweet was a 2018 article about deregulation and a warning about the potential problems it could cause.

As Swalwell said, ‘A news headline warned of Trump’s deregulation of railroads could lead to train cars “exploding.” Trump proudly quote-tweeted, “effect will be great.” Case closed. Now let’s help. #EastPalestine.”

However, there are a few problems with Swalwell’s opinion and tweet.

The first is that the braking system and, therefore, Trump’s deregulation of it has already been deemed not at fault. Hell, even Biden’s own National Transportation Safety Board said it had no role to play in the current incident.

As it turns out, “the wheel bearing failed on car number 23. So even with ECP brakes, the derailment would have occurred.” This was said by none other than NTSB’s chair Jennifer Homendy.

And several people made sure to let Swalwell know that.

The second and more glaring problem is the timing of the article Swalwell attached, as well as that of the quote-tweet Trump supposedly made about his railroad deregulation. Trump made the tweet on August 3, 2017. The Fortune article about his deregulation wasn’t written until September 24, 2018, a full year and a month later, making them completely unrelated.

Don’t just take my word for it, either.

In fact, Swalwell was dumb enough to post both the supposedly incriminating tweet and the article in screenshot form, meaning the dates are attached. So you can see the dates on his original tweet nearly side by side.

Seriously, check it out.

None of this should, in the least, be shocking to us by now. I mean, from the time Trump announced his intention to run for office in 2015, the Democratic Party has made him the target for just about anything and everything that has gone wrong.

Inflation? It’s Trump’s fault. For a man with multi-million dollar businesses and massive financial successes, he suddenly lost his ability to manage money while in the White House.

The border crisis? He put kids in cages, right? Oh, wait, those pictures actually were time-stamped during the Obama era…

The embarrassing and disastrous withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan? Trump did that too, even though he told Biden it was a bad idea and proved he could bring troops home safe and sound on numerous occasions while he was in the Oval Office.

The Ukraine incursion? Of course, Trump caused that too. He probably called up Putin and convinced him to start a war with one of our allies.

Never mind that Trump wasn’t in office for any of these situations, nor was he in charge when it came time to handle them. And yet, he’s still being blamed for things. I mean, it’s been over two years since he’s been in office.

Now, to be sure, some policies do have lasting effects that most certainly carry over into the next president’s reign. However, as everyone knows, it’s up to the next leader to handle things when and if they go wrong.

Take the economy. If Trump did such a poor job of things, Biden should have been able to make changes, which he did, and turn things around, meaning by now, we should be out of this inflation mess.

And yet, things have only gotten worse.

But apparently, it’s all Trump’s fault still…

Maybe the Democrats should start taking responsibility for their actions for once,